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4 Ways To Manage The Ice On Sidewalks In Your Commercial Area

How To Prevent Ice On Sidewalks

For many businesses, winter is a difficult time. Because of the slippery ice all around, people try to stay inside most of the time. Therefore, the sales are impacted. Not only this, the piles of snow can prevent people from entering a particular area. The heavyweight of snow can also potentially damage outdoor features like awnings, signages, etc. However, the biggest hazard in winter is slipping. It can lead to serious injuries to workers, customers, and passersby. Potential lawsuits that may follow slip and fall accidents are another point of concern for business owners.

In this article, we will explain how to prevent ice on sidewalks, driveway, and parking lot of your commercial area.

4 Ways to Manage the Ice on Sidewalks in Your Commercial Area

1- Clear up parking lots

Having an open parking lot is additional work for business owners. You need to remove snow and ice regularly to have a safe and accessible parking area. The layers of snow make it difficult to see the parking lane and park the vehicle. You can use an ice melt to remove the snow from your parking lot, walkways, sideways, and even stairs.

2- Add traction

Ice melt takes hours to melt the snow. You want your walkways accessible all the time. By adding traction, you can immediately access the road or sidewalk.

Sand, kitty litter, and grit are some popular traction agents to add friction and prevent slipping. Using these traction agents helps, but you may still have to clean the driveway post melting of the ice as it may stick to the bottom of the shoes and create a mess. 

Another less popular but extremely effective method to help businesses tackle their snow and ice problem is using anti-slip walkway products. This agent has 100% natural crystals in its blend. These crystals act as anti-slip agents, give a good grip on any icy surface and provide good traction.

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3- Have proper lighting

Apart from using anti-slip walkway products, another way to deal with snow and ice is to have proper lighting. Winter means less sunlight and more darkness. To help keep visitors safe, ensure that adequate exterior lights are installed. Areas around your commercial property like the parking lot and driveway should be well lit so that people can see and identify slippery areas. 

4- Do not salt

Using salt to melt ice, pits the cement on your establishment’s walkways, steps, and other concrete areas. Once the cement pits, it will eventually crack or cause potholes on your surface. 

If you’re concerned about your concrete, then do not salt. Salt is slightly acidic, and the acidity breaks down the chemical bonds essential for the concrete’s strength. Another thing that makes the situation worse is that most concrete in driveways is reinforced with steel. And salt corrodes steel.


Snow and ice can have a huge impact on the ground of your commercial establishment. However, with the solutions mentioned above, you can definitely have a safe and slip-free winter.

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A. When it comes to melting ice on commercial sidewalks, speed and effectiveness are crucial. Traditional methods like rock salt can damage concrete and harm the environment. A better alternative is ‘Walk On Ice,’ an anti-skid solution that not only melts ice but also ensures safety for pedestrians, pets, and vehicles.

A. While hot water can be effective in melting ice on sidewalks, it’s not always a practical solution for commercial premises. Large areas may require significant amounts of hot water, making it an inefficient option. ‘Walk On Ice’ offers an instant and efficient solution, creating a skid-free and slip-free surface without the need for hot water.

A. Using salt on commercial sidewalks can lead to environmental concerns and potential damage to concrete. ‘Walk On Ice’ offers a chloride-free alternative that ensures safety without compromising on the well-being of your sidewalks. It’s a responsible and effective choice for melting ice without using harmful salts.

A. When it comes to commercial premises, efficiency is paramount. ‘Walk On Ice’ offers instant results, instantly creating a skid-free and slip-free surface on ice and snow. This not only enhances safety but also minimizes the risk of accidents caused by icy sidewalks.

A. Preventing ice buildup on sidewalks is a proactive approach to safety. Applying ‘Walk On Ice’ before icy conditions set in can create a protective layer that prevents the accumulation of ice. This proactive measure ensures that your commercial premises remain safe for pedestrians throughout the winter season.

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