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Best Winter Traction Products for Ice and Snow


Each year, tens of thousands of people are injured in falls on snow or ice, and up to 30 percent of falls result in serious injury. The US Centers for Disease Control states that most falls occur at or near home and on level but slippery ground. Millions more are stranded in their vehicles, unable to get traction in slick conditions.

With these statistics in mind, here are products that will help prevent slip-and-fall injuries or give your car tires the traction needed to get moving and unstuck. They are listed in order of their effectiveness.

Traction Products for Walking

These products will assist you in navigating slick walkways, steps, decks, and parking lots.

1. Traction Magic

This non-salt ice melt alternative product provides instant traction to snowy, icy surfaces. There’s no waiting for ice to melt; just spread Traction Magic, and a safe, non-slip surface is created using two key components. First, absorbers immediately siphon up the water layer that is produced on ice’s surface when pressure is applied. Simultaneously, spiked granules firmly grip the ice. Traction Magic is the top choice for use at home. Business owners prefer it too because it protects their customers and reduces their liability. It doesn’t harm flooring.

Traction Magic is safe for people, pets, and the environment, and it works instantly regardless of temperature or how thick the ice is.

2. Traction Cleats and Shoe Chains

These products are either boots with embedded spikes or cleats or are accessories that attach to footwear.

On the plus side, these items do a good job on snow and ice. The disadvantage is that they are hard to put on. They must be taken off before entering buildings because the steel chains, cleats, and spikes slide easily and become a slip-and-fall hazard on tile and polished concrete.

3. Rock Salt and Ice Melt

These are traditional products for melting ice. There are hundreds of products. The advantage is that, given enough time, rock salt and alternative ice melt will melt ice in most conditions.

There are two key disadvantages. Most contain compounds like sodium chloride and magnesium chloride that cause irritation to skin, eyes, mouth, and throat. They are lethal in large amounts. People, pets, and wildlife are at risk. These products don’t work in extreme cold. Safe Paw is the only safe, effective ice melt product. It is ISO 9001 certified and meets OSHA standards.

Traction Products for Driving

Everyone should have an effective traction product in their vehicle to help them get unstuck in icy conditions.

1. Traction Magic

Formulated with the absorbers and grippers discussed above, Traction Magic provides instant grip on ice for tires and excellent footing for those attempting to push a vehicle out of snow and ice.

2. Rock Salt and Most Ice Melt

The same pros and cons apply to using these products on the roadway. Rock salt is cheap, but not fast-acting. It won’t work at all in extreme cold and presents a threat.

3. Traction Mats

These are designed to place under the vehicle’s tires for traction. However, most are too soft to really grip into ice. When they don’t grip, they are rapidly dislodged by spinning tires and become an injury risk to those trying to push out the vehicle.

4. Tire Chains

Chains are legal in most states, according to AAA and they offer good grip on soft ice. However, they are expensive, difficult to install and remove, tear up the road, and aren’t effective on very hard ice.

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