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Eco-Friendly De-Icers


During winter, streets and pathways are filled with snow and ice. People use different ice melt agents and chemicals to clear it and to make the environment safe and conformable. However, not all de icers are safe, majority of them are harmful to people, pets and scorch the earth at the same time.

What is an eco friendly de icer? This is an ice melt that does not contain chemicals that are hazardous to the environment, animals and people. For this reason, this article covers several safe ice melt options, they are conveniently used to get rid of ice and snow:


This comes to mid first because it is the easiest. Though it might be a tiring exercise to many people, shoveling is one of the best ecofriendly ways to de-ice your surroundings. It is convenient for small areas like, walkways and front door using a shovel. In addition, brooms and ice crackers could also come in handy.

Electric or battery snow blowers

Conveniently use them on large areas to clear snow. Stay away from gasoline-powered blowers, the noise and gas emitted when using them pollutes the environment.

Snow-melt mats

These are in our list of eco friendly de icers because they offer slip prevention during snow. They continuously keep the surfaces clear of ice and snow. It melts ice on and around it.

Organic salt-free deicer

Instead of rock salt and harsh chemicals, use an organic de-icer to clear snow. Although they are a little price because it cost much more to make a quality product.


It is a natural de-icer and it is commonly used in the production of fertilizer. It is safe, it will not harm your pets, and it will not corrode your concrete surfaces.


This is another safe ice melt and it is mostly used on large areas. It melts ice and provides good traction at the same time. Sand is easy to clean afterwards, so there is no much stress involved when using it.


Do not under estimate the ability of your fireplace ashes to clear walkways and driveways during winter. Ashes melt ice fast and provide a good traction.

Sugar beet juice

The application of beet juice on snow and ice is one of the most effective eco friendly de icers around. The juice works by lowering ice and snow melting point. It is safe for animals, people, and surfaces, and it is common for use in large areas.

White Vinegar (window de icer)

Mix 1 cup of warm water, and 3 cups of white vinegar in a bowl. Stir well and pour it in a clean spray bottle. Now, spray this solutions on windshields and car windows to removes snow and ice. The vinegar solution will keep ice from forming overnight even when snow fall on the windows.

Heated mats

Use this mats to keep your steps ice-free during winter. These mats have a thermoplastic material. According to their design, they are to be kept outside and come with grip to help prevent slip accidents. They work well at melting ice.

In conclusion, though the eco friendly de icer options listed above come in handy. It is a sure fact that they are not for everyone. That is why we have safe de icers in the market. You do not have to look any further, Traction Magic delivers. It melts ice effectively and it is safe for the environment and pets.

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