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Four Reasons Why You Should NOT Use Kitty Litter To Add Traction

kitty litter for traction on ice

Kitty litter has long been used as one of the natural ways to melt snow and ice. For several years, kitty litter has been a popular choice from homeowners to small business owners. However, it is vital to know that kitty litter is not an ice melt. Homeowners primarily use it because it does not contain any sodium chloride or rock salt that is potentially harmful to the environment and pets.

However, over the years, people have realized the drawbacks of using kitty litter and have started using alternatives and better traction ice melt to help them ease their woes.

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Kitty Litter On Ice: How Does Cat Litter Work?

When spread on ice, Kitty Litter’s granular texture provides temporary traction. However, this material does not actually melt ice, and as it absorbs moisture, it can turn into a sludgy mess that may eventually add to the slipping hazard.

Top 4 Reasons To Not Use Kitty Litter To Add Traction

  • Turns To Mud: Kitty litter comprises clay or other natural ingredients such as wheat, pine, corn, or synthetic crystallized silica. In contact with water, clay becomes lumpy and muddy, making it extremely slippery to walk. It might provide short-term traction but does not help in the long run. The friction from the spinning tire creates heat, making clay turn to mud.
  • Messy: Kitty litter, when in contact with water, creates a huge mess. It sticks to the sole of your shoes and traces back inside the house, dirtying your carpets, patio, and floor. Hence, it does not prove to be a viable option.
  • Temporary Traction: While it is readily available, kitty litter helps to build traction only for a limited period. When it mixes with water, it will either clump or turn to mud. You may try using it on your snow-covered roof to build traction; however, it is not advisable to use it on roads or sidewalks.
  • Not 100% Environment-Friendly: Kitty litter is widely available in clay. However, it also comes in other ingredients such as sodium silicate, sodium bentonite, calcium bentonite, etc., that swell up 2x their size and are difficult to clear. In addition, it may lead to blocking of drains, sewers, and even de-moisturizing the soil.

Kitty Litter: Homemade Pet Safe Ice Melt Is It Good For Ice?

While Kitty Litter can provide temporary traction, it’s not necessarily the best solution. Unlike products specifically designed for ice traction, like Traction Magic, Kitty Litter can create a messy residue that’s not ideal for pets or the surrounding environment.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

What Can I Use Instead Of Cat Litter?

Traction Magic is a reliable alternative for Kitty Litter that you can use with confidence. Unlike Kitty Litter, which simply offers a temporary solution, Traction Magic creates a safe, slip-free layer on top of ice or packed snow. Consisting of natural materials, it doesn’t negatively impact the environment like some chemical deicers can.

Is Traction Magic A Better Alternative?

Traction Magic comprises natural volcanic rock and seven other minerals that are 100% environment-friendly and can be used on your driveway or snow-covered roof. It is not messy, does not stick to the shoes, does not block sewers or gutters, and seamlessly mixes with soil. It acts as a conditioner for plants as well.

Traction Magic helps to build excellent traction on any slippery surface because they instantly absorb water and allow the grippers to lock into the ice, creating a non-skid surface.


Kitty litter has been used as an alternative among homeowners because it is comparatively cheaper and readily available. However, it provides only temporary traction and creates a bigger mess that is difficult to clean and shovel. Hence, it is advisable to use natural ways to melt ice and snow with the help of Traction Magic to save time, money, and energy.  



A: Kitty Litter’s granular texture can provide temporary traction on icy surfaces. However, it does not melt ice, and as it absorbs moisture, it can turn into a sludgy mess, which may eventually add to the slipping hazard.

A: While Kitty Litter can provide temporary traction, it can turn into a messy residue as it absorbs water. Furthermore, it can be harmful to pets and the environment.

A: Traction Magic is a safe and effective alternative to Kitty Litter for use on ice. Unlike Kitty Litter, Traction Magic creates a slip-free layer on top of ice or packed snow and doesn’t negatively impact the environment.

A: Using Kitty Litter for dogs is not recommended due to potential ingestion and the ensuing health risks. Instead, consider pet-friendly alternatives like Traction Magic that won’t pose a risk if ingested or come into contact with paws.

A: Kitty Litter is often misused as an ice-melting agent in winter. However, there are better options available that are designed specifically for this purpose, like Traction Magic.

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