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Tips To Give Tires More Traction In Winters

Snow Traction For Car Tires

Cold weather takes a serious toll on your car. Your car requires as much winter preparation as your home. Before the arrival of extreme weather, you have to check your car heaters for proper functioning, change the fluids with the ones having a lower freezing point, change your wiper blades, and switch to winter tires. 

Snow makes roads extremely slippery, and it’s easy to lose control of your vehicle while driving in snow. After a heavy snowstorm, your car tires lose traction on ice, and this means your wheels can slide out of control, and you’re at high risk of getting into an accident or collision.

Below are a few tips that you can keep in mind this winter season for safe and non-skidding driving.

1. Winter Tires:

Winter tires are your best bet to improve traction on ice while driving. Winter tires are specially designed to give you better traction and stand up to winter weather more efficiently than all-season tires. The tread rubber of winter tires remains flexible even in extreme temperatures to provide you better traction on the road. The rubber of all-season tires becomes stiff in cold weather and tends to skid more on the road.

2. Traction Magic:

Traction Magic Car Traction

Even with winter tires, some patches are too slick to get the required traction for the car tires. This mostly happens when you drive on tricky patches like inclines of driveways or parking lots.

Traction Magic comes in handy when you need immediate traction on tires. It is composed of two types of granules – absorbers and grippers. The role of the absorber granule is to absorb the excess water on the ice layer. 

The role of the absorber granule is to absorb the excess water on the ice layer. The presence of water in the ice layer is the reason why ice becomes slippery. The role of gripper granules is to penetrate the ice layer with the help of their spiky layers and provide friction between the tire and ice surface. 

You can simply rub the Traction Magic granules on the surface of the tire to get out of the tricky situation without wasting time or calling for help. The best part is that it comes in various sizes and can be easily stored in the boot of your car. 

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3. Tire Chains

For increasing traction on tires, people also go for tire chains. Tire chains are really a lifesaver if you are driving primarily in the hilly areas where you have to face steep inclines packed with snow. However, putting tire chains and taking them out from the tires is a laborious process. Also, with tire chains, it is not advisable to drive the car beyond the speed of 40-50 km/hr. Therefore driving on highways is completely out of the question. Also, if the tire chains are not put properly, they can damage your car tires.

So we discussed some helpful tips to increase your tire traction this coming winter. Winter tires with the right traction agent in tricky scenarios can definitely make your driving safe. 

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