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Best Tips To Prevent Parking Lot Slips And Falls

all-natural ice melt

Open spaces, parking lots, and driveways are some of the most dangerous places during winter. This is because they are made of concrete, making them more prone to damage from chloride-based deicers and the formation of black ice. As a commercial property manager, you must take care of different winter scenarios you will encounter, especially ones involving falling or injuring yourself. Thus, it is vital to maintain eco traction to help you overcome any problem.

Let Us Take A Quick Look At The Top Tips To Prevent Parking Lot Slips And Falls

  • All-Natural Ice Melt

Invest in an all-natural ice melt that is quick to spread and easy to use. Most products in the market comprise chloride and salt content that damages concrete surfaces over time. Using salt-free and chloride-free ice melt such as Traction Magic will prove a handy companion pre and post snowfall and on black ice as well. Since it has traction enablers that cut through ice and snow, it becomes relatively easy to walk on and not slip or fall.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

  • Slow walk

Another great way to avoid slipping and falling in a parking lot in winter is to walk slowly. There is no point in walking to any place at the cost of your health. Most parking lots are open, and there is a high chance of encountering icy surfaces or black ice, snow-covered spots, etc. Tread carefully and take baby steps while walking in any parking lot.

  • Snow boots

Never venture out of your home in winters without wearing snow boots. You can find one as per your budget, style, and type close to your home or online. Snow boots are designed to help you maintain a firm grip on the ground or any icy surface. Since parking lots are more prone not to have eco traction all the time, you must wear snow boots to help you walk appropriately without falling and slipping.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

  • Signboards

It is best to place signboards at specific intervals to let your customers and employees know about the possible dangers of slipping on ice. Let them know you use eco traction products that will assist them in walking without falling. In addition, the signboards can have detailed instructions highlighting all the precautions one must take while walking and driving on icy surfaces, especially parking lots.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice


While we take precautions to ensure we do not face any mishap, we must use the correct eco traction product such as Traction Magic for utmost safety. Traction Magic is an eco-friendly product that is safe on all types of surfaces; Traction Magic comprises a blend of natural volcanic rock granules and seven other minerals that are all natural ice melt used to build traction on any surface and help you walk without falling. It is ideal for commercial premises, parking lots, large industrial establishments, construction sites, and even roads! In addition, you can remain stress-free because it will not harm your vegetation, pets, or kids.

It is best to use a combination of the above points to avoid slipping and falling on ice and incur any medical expenses.

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