Stay Safe with Instant Traction on Ice this Winter Season

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Snowfall season is beautiful. The white snow carpets and the crisp cold air make it one of the best times of the year. Snowfall in winter has many recreational and aesthetic advantages for sure. But snow sure can add a lot to your already existing workload. The shoveling, the heating, the extra layers of clothes are perhaps only some of the issues.

One thing that most people dread is not the snow but the ice. Ice is dangerous because it is slippery. And a fall can quickly ruin a good mood and outfit, at the very least. Slipping can also lead to serious injuries for adults and children.   Adults with cars face a more serious challenge in the snowfall season. Vehicles slipping on the ice have more serious consequences than mere people slipping on ice. To avoid road accidents and expensive repairing of your automobile, it is best to invest in a traction agent.

Traction Magic by Gaia Enterprises is one such product. True to the Gaia Enterprises’ mission of replacing harmful chemicals with safe products, Traction Magic includes no corrosive chemicals or dyes. This makes it non-damaging for your property and safe for your children and pets.

 When to Use

Traction Magic does not melt the ice and snow. It will not remove these obstacles from your path. What it does is act as a non-slipping agent. The need to walk on slippery ice and snow cannot be avoided. So, Traction Magic can be carried around in your car. So, if your car ever gets stuck in snow, this product can immediately come to the rescue. It can also be spread on driveways, walkways and sideways to prevent any accidents and injuries due to falling and slipping.

Traction Magic is one product that will not make you wait. So, after it is spread on the surface, you will get traction on ice immediately and then you can easily (and literally) move on with your day!

 How it Works

Like all Gaia products, Traction Magic does not contain any harmful salts. It is made 100% natural crystals that work in two ways:  As absorbers, they act like a sponge and suck up all the liquid present above the ice. This mattifies the surface so it becomes less slippery.  As grippers, the crystals embed themselves into the surface with their needle-like spikes. This way less ice is exposed for you to walk on, and that is why the chances of you slipping are instantly reduced.

What You Will Get

You will get a large container with a small shaking can inside. It will look like a bucket of mud or clay. It can be spread easily on any surface.

 How to Buy

Gaia Enterprises offers two buying options. If you are interested in buying this product in bulk, you will be asked to fill out an online form and then you can order the amount. This can be done from the website or one of the distributors of Gaia Enterprises. For residents at home, the product can be ordered online from Amazon or one of Gaia Enterprises retailers. Conclusion Formation of slippery surfaces is inevitable in winter. You cannot avoid that, but you can deal with the problems related to slippery surfaces effectively. Order your products now to stay safe this winter!