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Winterize Your Car For Blizzards And Storms This Year With These Tips

prepare for a blizzard

Winter is coming, and it’s time to winterize your car and home. This means preparing them for the colder months ahead by ensuring everything is ready to go. Here’s what you need to know about winterizing your car and home and how you can prepare:

How To Prepare For A Blizzard?

Check Your Tires

Air pressure. Properly inflated tires improve gas mileage, increase handling and braking performance and help reduce road noise. Your owner’s manual will tell you how much air pressure to use. Check your tire pressure when the tires are cold. This is when they’re at their most accurate reading.

Get Some Traction Agent For Your Driveway

If you live in an area where snow is likely to cause car accidents or throw your commute into chaos (or both), you’ll want to ensure that people can get around safely when things get tricky. One way to do this is with a traction agent for your driveway.

Traction agents help prevent cars from slipping on ice and other slippery surfaces by providing grip on the surface (which means less skidding). 

They don’t require any mixing or preparation before application (just pour it out!).

Traction Magic is one of its kinds of traction agents that comprises natural volcanic rock and seven other minerals that are 100% environment-friendly. 

They can be used on your driveway, sidewalk, or snow-covered roof. No mess, no sticking to shoes, no blocking of sewers or gutters, and it seamlessly blends with soil. Plants can also benefit from it as a conditioner.

Using Traction Magic provides excellent traction on slippery surfaces because they instantly absorb water and lock into the ice, creating a non-skid surface. You can also use a concrete safe ice melt around your house to keep your family safe.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

Make Sure Your Heater Works Well

Winterizing your car is about making sure it’s in good working order. Before you start driving, make sure everything is warm and ready. If you’re starting from a cold garage or from off the street, ensure your heater is working well and that you have enough antifreeze in your system. 

Check the levels using an infrared thermometer. If it’s below freezing outside, don’t start up unless there are at least 50 percent more than normal amounts of antifreeze mixed with water (one part coolant to three parts water).

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

Make Sure Your Windshield Wipers Work Well

In addition to the cleaning and oiling, ensure your windshield wipers are in good shape. They should have a full range of motion and be free from cracks or other damage. If they’re frozen in position due to snow or ice, use a plastic scraper to remove any ice before you start the car. You do this so it doesn’t lodge itself beneath the mechanism and prevent it from working properly.

Check Your Washer Fluid

The fluid should be at the full mark on the front of the reservoir. If it’s not, add more until it is. You’ll find nozzles for that purpose under each wheel well, or you can use a funnel to transfer fluid from another vehicle if necessary.


We hope you enjoyed learning about how to prepare for a blizzard. Remember that it’s not too late to prepare for this winter season! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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