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Ten Essential Items To Carry In Your Car During Winter

walk on ice without slipping

We all know how dreadful winters can get. However, if you get stuck in heavy snowfall or a patch of the icy surface, you may not be able to proceed further. In such a scenario, it is always great to have a list of things ready in your car and walk on ice without slipping.

What Are The Top Essential Items You Can Carry In Your Car During Winter? 

  • First-aid Kit

It is vital to have an emergency first aid kit in case of an emergency. You can gather all your essential medicines in your equipment to help you walk on ice without slipping.

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  • Flashlight

Having a flashlight makes life much easier. We all know the need of having a flashlight if you have to get down to get something. Keep it handy in your glove compartment in case you get stuck in a blizzard.

  • Warm Blankets

It is cold and snowy, and you cannot proceed any further; in such a case, it is always better to have a set of warm blankets in your car. Even if you are not stuck, you can always use them to keep yourself or people in your car warm.

  • Gloves 

Warm gloves protect your fingers from catching frostbite. You can quickly wear it while driving your car and keep a spare one in case of any emergency.

  • Traction Product 

Having a reliable traction product such as Walk On Ice is one of the top essential items in your emergency kit. So you can walk on ice without slipping and not injure yourself.

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  • Food 

Keep a couple of boxes of non-perishable food in your car that can last up to three days minimum. We never know where and when we may get stuck.

  • Water 

Having a couple of gallons of water is one of the essential items on your list. You can survive without food for a while, but you cannot survive without water. Therefore, you must keep yourself adequately hydrated even during winters to avoid feeling parched.

  • Boots 

Wear or carry walk-on ice grips for shoes to help you walk if you step out. In addition, you can purchase a variety of boots and anti-skid spike soles from the market near you.

  • Gas 

If allowed, keep a gallon of gas handy, especially if you are traveling for a long-distance or are worried that you will be hit by snow or ice.

  • Scraper And Snow Brush 

The weather forecast is not always correct. Hence it helps to keep a scraper and snow brush handy to remove inches of snow from your car in case of snowfall.


While it is difficult to walk on ice without slipping, you can do that effortlessly with a few smart tips. Even if you get stuck, you can comfortably sit for a few hours without feeling cold by keeping the essentials mentioned above handy.

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