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Traction on Snow and Ice vs Melters


The extreme cold season is a headache to many people due to the formation of ice on many transportation surfaces. Getting traction on these surfaces is a problem no more with Traction Magic. You can use Traction Magic to create traction on your icy sidewalks, steps, and for instant car traction.

How does Traction Magic work?

Traction Magic acts as an absorber and a gripper due to its ingredients that are all pure, thus making a patent-pending 2-part granule system. This makes Traction Magic effective to work on the ice covering the ground. The absorbers will first absorb the liquid on top of the ice reducing it thus enable the grippers to embed into the ice sheet which is made possible due to their spike-like ends. The surface is left uncovered after all the snow and ice melts and is ready and safe for use as slippery ice is no longer covering the ground.

The safety of Traction Magic

You can be sure that Traction Magic is 100 percent safe and pure for people, the planet, pets, and your property. The traction magic as its name suggests it provides instant traction for your sidewalks and roads where many vehicles are affected by the ice. Traction Magic is made carefully in a unique way to work in all temperatures as it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or any of the corrosive salts that are dangerous. Your safety is guaranteed by its natural nature hence no risks or damages can be experienced to your plants, concrete, or bricks after using it. This makes it fit for use by all the people.

Friendly to environment

The main concern for Gaia Enterprises, the manufacturers of Traction Magic products is to make products that are not harmful to people, places, and their pets. This has successfully been achieved as their products are safe and all-natural leaving the surrounding safe. Gaia Enterprise is the manufacturer and a patent holder of safe snow and ice melter. In earlier days up to the late 90s. Before then the snow and ice melters were salt-based which has a harmful effect on our environment and also dangerous for our pets and children.

Like Safe Paw, Tragic Magic is 100 percent safe to use at homes, in businesses, construction sites, and by the government. One should take care of the surrounding, the things around him/her, and other people by avoiding any of the salt-based snow and ice melters. The world is busy trying to protect its environments from dangerous chemical products thus all people should embrace the move to avoid the use of salt-based products to melt the snow.

If you really care and love your children and pet, you need to protect their safety and environment in times of extreme colds through the use of Tragic Magic snow and ice melters that are environmentally friendly and free from harmful effects. You can visit the nearby fine retailers and get these products at a pocket-friendly cost and stay safe on slippery surfaces.

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