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Everything You Should Know About Black Ice

tips for walking on black ice

When the temperature drops below freezing, a thin layer of ice forms on the roads; it seems black solely because it generates a transparent, glassy coating covering dark-colored roads, giving it a black appearance. Black ice forms when rain or waterfalls on the road or when sleet or snow melts and freezes onto the street. It results in a slippery covering of ice that is hazardous to drive or walk. So, here are some tips for walking on ice and driving on ice safely.

How Does Black Ice Appear? 

Black ice might be challenging to spot. Understanding how and where it occurs, on the other hand, can help you avoid it. In temperatures below freezing, black ice forms. As a result, it’s more likely to surface late at night or early in the morning, before the light has had time to warm the ground and transform the ice back into the water. 

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