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Things To Do Before, During, And After a Snowstorm

How do you prepare for a Snowstorm?

Blizzards and ice storms produce hazardous winter conditions, and snowstorms with high winds can knock out power lines, leaving you without heat or communication. Prepare ahead of time and follow simple guidelines to be ready before, during, and after a bad storm to give your employees peace of mind during a snowy winter. So, here are some tips on preparing for a blizzard.

How Do You Prepare For A Blizzard?

Get Your Office Building Ready.

Make a thorough inspection of your building for draughts, leaks, and cracks. To keep melted snow from piling up outside, replace old weather stripping at the bottom of doors. Keep a supply of floor mats by the entrance and urge employees and customers to wipe their feet before entering.

Make a snow and ice removal strategy, have a plan to clear the snow and ice from your building and surrounding property

Keep Your Personnel Informed.

Inform staff of your emergency plan. Pay attention to warnings and signals, and allow your staff to depart while they still have a chance to travel home.

Clear Sidewalks, Parking Lots, And Other Risky Areas. 

Even after the snow stops falling, you may need to clear a significant amount of snow off the walkways and parking lot near your company.

Traction On Ice For Your Cars

It is especially significant if you run a business that relies on foot or car traffic, such as a cafe or a retail store.

The slippery surface could lead to costly liability claims, so make sure the pathways have enough traction. You can use natural traction agents to avoid any slip and fall incidents on your premises. 

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Form A Contingency Plan. 

Winter storms, on the other hand, frequently worsen without notice. During a particularly severe blizzard or snowfall, you, your workers, or even some of your customers and clients may become stranded at your business. 

As a result, if you are stranded in your business without power, water, or other supplies, it’s a good idea to keep some basic supplies on hand and have a contingency plan.

Winter Check For Your Vehicle

In case of an emergency, you want it to come in handy. Checking antifreeze levels, ensuring sure your battery and ignition system is in good working order and updating your fuel and air filters. Also, make sure your windshield wipers are in good working order and that you have appropriate tread on your winter tires. You can keep the bucket of your traction agent in your car, as it becomes impossible to drive in heavy snow without adequate traction.

Avoid driving on roads with fallen debris and stay clear from electrical lines. When walking outside or driving, be aware of ice that has formed on surfaces.

Be Alert

Know the symptoms of frostbite and hypothermia so you can treat someone who has been exposed to the snow and frost for a lengthy period.


Winter weather can disrupt your business and put you and your employees in danger – but if you take adequate steps, you can avoid these issues and keep your staff and customers safe. While preparing for a blizzard, do keep stock of traction agents in your inventory. Avoid winter worries by using the right solution and proper planning.

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