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Store Sidewalk Injuries And Liability

Environmentally Safe Deicer

When was the last time you stepped out to buy things from the store and didn’t slip or fall on the ice? Even though we have an environmentally safe deicer available now, many store owners are unaware of its correct usage. So if you slip on a public sidewalk or a store sidewalk, who becomes responsible? The liability lies in whose hands?

To avoid these inevitable circumstances, let us quickly understand who will be held responsible in case of such an accident.

1. As per a few state laws, a sidewalk is a public area and is maintained by both the local municipality and the store owners.

2. In case of heavy snowfall, many states require store owners to clear the excessive snow around their premises within 3 to 4 hours of snowfall.

3. In case of any fall or injury, you must investigate the matter thoroughly before suing the store owner or the state. For example, you need to find out who is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk before filing for any suit. 

4. You must speak with your lawyer, adhere to the deadlines, and make sure you have every detail of the incidence handy, along with proofs and claims.

But before this happens, you need to understand the underlying reasons for the fall or injury. For example, is it because of broken sidewalk tiles? Or is it because of the icy surface?

How Can You Prepare For A Blizzard? 

Blizzards are a pain if they catch you unawares. Therefore, you must prepare yourself with the right snow removal equipment before a blizzard or snowstorm hits.

1. Check your local weather forecast for the next couple of days to help you get all the essential equipment at your store.

2. Use an environmentally safe deicer to help you reduce the distress on your concrete and vegetation.

3. Spread the deicer evenly before the storm hits, so the snow does not stick to the surface. 

4. Make sure you deice your windows, doors, the patio, and stairs, if any, to avoid any inconvenience later. 

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100% Environmentally Safe Deicer

Traction Magic helps you gain a better grip on the icy surface, especially after a heavy storm. We know how difficult it can get to walk on slippery sidewalks, especially if they have not been pre-treated. There is a high chance of slipping and injuring yourself. Traction Magic does not dirty your shoe sole, it does not leave any trace in the store, you can easily wipe it, and it is suitable for your vegetation.

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While there are several ways you can prepare for a blizzard, it is best to check the forecast and ensure you have the right snow removal equipment. Store sidewalk injuries are avoidable, provided that your sidewalk is clear of snow at all times and does not have any icy layer. Rather than getting entangled in a legal brawl, use an excellent quality environmentally safe deicer and traction agent such as Traction Magic to help your customers and employees walk safely on the sidewalk.

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