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Slip-Proof Your Premises In Winter

Safety Aid To Walk On Ice

The majority of us have witnessed someone taking a fall on icy winter ground. You may have been a victim of it. Whether it’s the practically invisible ice on your front porch stairs or the deceiving greasy floor surface near a door to the outside world that could double as a hockey rink, the chances of ending up on your back rather than your feet in snowy winter seem limitless.

There are many ways to make your premises slip-proof by using traction agents, de-icers, or special boots by which you can walk on ice with grip. So, let us find more about how to prevent slips and falls this winter.


Your winter plan for icy or snowy circumstances should indicate the places where dangerous icy conditions are likely to occur, as well as the steps that need to be taken. The outdoor areas frequented by your family members or guests need to be secured first. Do not wait till the last moment to secure your premises from winter woes.

Traction Agents

You can use traction agents to give you immediate traction whenever and wherever you need and thus avoid any winter injuries. Walk on ice is a salt-free traction solution and provides an instant grip on snowy, icy conditions. It has naturally occurring minerals that are gentle on the eyes, skin, and paws. Its two main constituents, absorbers and grippers work on slippery ice immediately and give you instant traction. Even your dogs can walk on ice safely with this traction agent.

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Snow Removal

It is vital to keep your premises free from snow accumulation to prevent any slip and fall incidents in your premises. Snow clearance may be required after a snowfall to ensure a clear and safe passage for pedestrians and on-site vehicles.

For snow removal, the most commonly used product is ice melt. Before you choose the ice melt solution for your premises, make sure that it is free from harmful toxins and corrosive salts.

Winter Boots

There are many variants of boots available in the market, but the question is with which boots can you walk on ice?

The grip of your shoe is the most crucial factor to consider. Rubber outsoles with tread, especially if the treads are large, are the safest way to grip the ice. Steel studs are also available in shoes to keep you upright. Rubber grips, cleat styles, attachable crampons, and shoe chains are all options.

Your winter shoe needs to keep you dry. In the cold, having wet feet is not only inconvenient but also dangerous.


Individuals must be cautious when walking in the winter and be aware of slippery places. During the winter months, snow and ice on sidewalks, roadways, and other areas such as parking lots increase slip and fall accidents.

The failure of property owners to keep their properties free of potential hazards to visitors and guests is to blame for many falls. To avoid such a situation, use proper traction and make your premises safe for people and pets.

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