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The Best Environmentally-Friendly Snow And Ice Removal Method

Environmentally-Friendly Snow And Ice Removal

It is critical to keep sidewalks and roadways clear of ice and snow throughout the harsh winter months, not just for safety reasons but also for traffic. 

When it comes to melting snow and ice, salt may be the preferred approach for many cities, municipalities, and individuals, but it can be highly detrimental to the environment. Salt and other ice-melting chemicals are harmful to pets, local animals, and the property you’ve worked so hard to keep in good shape. These chemicals cause metal corrosion concrete damage. They also cause rashes, irritation, and dryness on the paws and skin of your pets, as well as inflammation and stomach ache. An environmentally friendly deicer is the best snow and ice removal method. Let us find more about these green products.

Traction Magic

Even though this product is not an ice melt, it is still an effective method to say goodbye to winter woes by preventing any slip and fall in your premises. It absorbs the thin fluid-like coating on the ice surface first, and then its grippers with spike-like tips attach themselves to the snow. It is safe for both humans and pets, as well as the environment.

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One of the most efficient and environmentally friendly methods of snow removal is shoveling with your own two hands after a blizzard. Grabbing a shovel and getting to work can be beneficial exercise and a quick way to clear the snow. But are you sure you have enough time and muscle to do it?

Alfalfa Meal

Alfalfa meal is a natural fertilizer. It cleans ice roads and increases vehicle grip. But its drainage in the water bodies might result in algae bloom in nearby waterways.

Coffee Grounds 

After you’ve finished brewing your coffee, dry out the grounds and store them. These grinds can be spread around your driveways and along walkways to help melt during the winter. But be ready to drink many more cups of coffee to collect enough grounds for your surface.

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Birdseed, Sand Or Wood Chips 

Spreading sand, wood chips, or birdseed over the top of the snow or ice will not necessarily melt it, but it will improve traction. 

Organic Salt-Free Deicer

Salt replacements provide the same benefits as salt without the adverse effects on the environment, and they’re easy to find at your local hardware shop. Salt-free, environmentally friendly deicer is safe for your premises, pets, and plants.

Heated Mats

Using heated mats on your stairwells or walkways can prevent ice from forming in high-traffic areas. You can lessen the risk of slip and fall accidents at your site. But the expenses involved in the process can be a big drawback.


Businesses are frequently under pressure to keep prices low while simultaneously maintaining clean and dry floors and walkways, which may be a difficult chore. With adequate attention and care in snow removal, you can keep your employees and visitors safe while saving money and safeguarding the environment. If you are preparing for a blizzard, do not forget to use traction agents for sure footing on your snow-covered premises. Use green products to keep everyone safe but also to fulfill your duty of a responsible business. 

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Other Ice Melt Products

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