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How To Prevent Yourself From Falling On Ice Roads

How To Walk On Ice Roads

The white landscape in the winter looks beautiful from the inside. But when you step outside the house the chilling winds and the risk of slip and fall accidents are real. Every year several people get injured due to these slip and fall accidents, and many a time these accidents may lead to severe injuries. That’s why it’s is important to know how to walk on ice roads.

In this article, we’ll discuss some proven tips that can help you walk on ice roads without slipping.

  • Move Slowly

The most practical advice to walk on ice roads without slipping is to walk slowly and gently. Hold something on the side is possible to give you the needed support. Try not to drag your foot too much on the ground and rather apply the force vertically. Since there is almost negligible friction on the surface, dragging your foot would barely help as forward and backward motion requires more friction.

Be a penguin if you want to walk on ice without slipping– Extend arms to your side to keep your balance and lower your gravity center. Keep your hands out of your pockets, so you can break your fall with your hands if you start to slip. Also, keep your knees loose like a penguin.

  • Avoid Slopes And Stairs If You Can

Slippery slopes are dangerous and are very difficult to walk if ice is covering their surface. Use shoe spikes or hold on to some side support for getting a safe passage.

You have to be extra careful while walking on the stairways as you may suffer severe injuries because of stairs edges. While walking on the stairs, make sure to use the handrails, keep your hands free to break the fall if it happens.

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  • Use Traction Agents

As the ice starts to melt, there is a layer of excess melted water on its surface which is the main reason behind slipperiness. Any substance that removes this excess water and gives a rough surface for better grip is ideal for improving traction for walking.

Walk on Ice is one such natural and effective traction agent. It is composed of geo crystals and contains two types of granules.

The absorber granules maximize the absorption of the free water on the surface of the ice, and the gripper granules with their spiky structure give a rough surface to walk with easily with increased friction. Walk on Ice is an extremely useful product when you need traction immediately and can’t wait for the ice to melt.

Some other organic traction agents are kitty litter, sawdust, sand, etc. These traction agents are not that effective and create a lot of mess to clean afterward.

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  • Use Anti-Slip Boot Spikes

People also prefer using ice grips for shoes so that they can walk safely in the streets. These ice grippers for shoes work well on soft snow, but the hard metal spikes don’t dig into the hard ice surface well rather, it just slides on its surface.

Another problem is that these steel grippers are cumbersome to put and off the shoes. And these metal spikes and cleats slip on the hard ceramic tiles and can cause knee and ankle injuries.


These practical tips can help if you are looking for solutions for how to walk on ice roads without slipping. Traction agents are the best bet to get an instant slip-free walking surface after the snowfall.

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