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How To Improve Traction In Your Facility Area

Snow Traction For Facility Area

It is one thing to melt ice and quite another to build traction. Facilities with heavy footfall and vehicle movement often find it hard to maintain snow traction for a longer duration. They can use blends or ice melt combinations such as calcium chloride, potassium chloride, or sodium chloride to melt the ice, but they often leave brine or slush. Even after deicing, the surface tends to remain slippery, making it difficult to walk. It is where you need a great product to improve traction on snow. 

Some Popular Ways To Increase Traction In Your Facility Are: 

Snow Tires 

Whether it is your pickup truck or your vehicle, getting snow tires helps to ensure that you have snow traction, especially if you have an extensive facility. It is common practice for cars to do this, especially in areas that experience heavy snowfall. 


It is an alternative to snow tires and provides good traction to your vehicles if you use them in your facility. It is another common way to improve traction on snow. However, purchase it only if you have a large facility with constant footfall. 

Snow Boots 

For people moving in and out of a facility, it is best to use snow boots to provide snow traction every season. It is not only handy but saves you a lot of trouble by protecting you from falls and injuries. 

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Traction Magic 

Another exciting way to improve traction on snow is using a traction agent, Traction Magic. It is an improved formula known to provide excellent traction by providing adequate safety. It offers instant traction on all icy surfaces such as sidewalks, property, driveways, steps, patio, etc. 

Traction Magic comes in three varieties- 

15 lbs. emergency kit ideal for black ice and extreme weather management

45 lb. bag, which is ideal for covering 9000/sq ft. area in one go 

The good-to-carry 1.75 lb. disposable can be ideal for areas up to 350 sq. ft. 

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100 % environment-friendly spiky granules 

Traction Magic comprises natural volcanic rock and seven other minerals that will not harm your pets or your home. Even if you ingest accidentally, it will not cause any problem. You can carry Traction Magic anywhere you want as it comes in an easy-to-carry bottle as small as a coke bottle. 

These spiky granules absorb water and allow the grippers to stick to the surface and form a grip. It does not allow vehicles to skid and keeps you safe at all times. After you finish using it, you can throw it in your garden as it comprises 100% kid-friendly and pet-friendly formula. It naturally boosts plant growth and does not absorb water from the soil. 

If you are looking at creating traction on the go anywhere in your facility area, you know Traction Magic is the product to invest in! It will add an extra layer of security for your employees, customers, and vehicles safety during harsh winter months. 

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