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Checklist To Prepare Your Office Building For The Snow Storm


Strong winds combined with heavy snowfall may paralyze a city, strand motorists, halt the flow of supplies, and delay emergency services.  Is there a disaster plan in place for your company? Having one will assist you in identifying hazards, backing up critical company activities, budgeting for emergency spending, protecting your assets, and recovering faster.

Use Snowtraction To Avoid Slips And Falls.

Use an effective and instant snowtraction agent like Traction magic to provide sufficient traction to keep your employees and guests safe from any slip and fall accidents. Spread it all along the sidewalks and doorways leading up to your company. When spread, Traction Magic does not penetrate or damage concrete or roadways, and it is safe to use around children and pets. It enables your employees to walk on ice safely.

Make Preparations Ahead Of Time

Plan if you know there’s a risk you’ll face snow or ice. When it comes to alternate routes, parking your vehicle, fueling up, and more, it might save you a lot of time and hassle.

Fill up your fuel tanks when they go below three-quarters full. Keeping your tanks full adds weight to your truck, which might help you get better traction.

Keep A Stockpile Of Emergency Supplies On Hand

Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict when an emergency scenario will arise. You can, however, travel prepared to deal with snowstorms and blizzards. That includes bringing extra cold-weather gear, blankets, food, water, a tool kit, and more in your truck.

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Secure Your Outdoors

Keep outdoor items safe. Secure goods that could blow away or be damaged if you own a construction company, a restaurant with outdoor seating, or another business that keeps precious assets outside. Business owners tend to use salt-based ice melts to avoid snow accumulation.

An Emergency Radio And Extra Batteries:

Prepare for a blizzard by getting an emergency radio and extra batteries. Radios are readily available and will keep you updated on weather alerts even in the case of power outages.

Shovels Or A Snowblower:

Once the storm settles and you want to step out of your premises, you need to shovel away the snow to make your way. If you have a snow blower, make sure it’s filled with gas and functioning properly

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Take Precautions

Make sure your physical structure is in good shape. Familiarize yourself with the dangers of flooding. Take extra precautions such as sealing windows and doors and transferring valuables to higher ground.

Avoid any salt-based ice melt as it is highly corrosive and will damage your concrete and metal goods. In case you need an ice melt, then choose an environmentally friendly deicer. It is safe for concrete, metals, pets, plants, and the environment.

Be Prepared For The Unexpected.

Storms can strike at any time. A good plan with plenty of preparation is your best defense. Use a traction agent to keep everyone around your business safe and happy this winter.

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