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5 Reasons Why Using Sand Won’t Help You and Your Store

Environmentally Safe Deicer

As a store owner, your foremost priority is your customer’s and employees’ safety during winters. While there are multiple environmentally safe deicer products in the market, many store owners use sand to deice and build traction. 

How To Prepare For Blizzards In Advance? 

  • Pretreat the surface around your store with an environmentally safe deicer. Using an ice melt before makes sure that the snow does not stick to the surface and makes it easy to shovel it off. 
  • Keep all necessary snow removal equipment ready before a snowstorm
  • Buy top-quality traction agents, such as Traction Magic to help you walk on icy surfaces without slipping or falling. 

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

And if you think you want to use sand instead of any other deicer, these are five reasons why sand will not help you solve any of your problems.

  • Messy 

It is messy to spread and traces back inside the store. Sand is a good traction agent unless it starts absorbing the water around and becomes slush or brine. Then, it creates a messy puddle outside your store and renders it an unprofessional look. 

  • Environmentally unsafe 

Once the water evaporates, the sand starts accumulating around the premises and any landscape or drainage outlets you may have. The excessive sand on the soil stunts the plant growth and leaves the front of your store looking like a pile of waste. 

  • Clogs drains 

There are high chances of sand traveling to the sewers and down the drain pipes when they flow if melted ice. Therefore, it poses a significant threat to the drainpipe as it will clog it and make it impossible for other wastewater to flow to the sewers. In addition, it will lead to more considerable cleaning hazards that are more expensive. 

  • Difficult to walk 

Sand needs to be cleared immediately after a snowstorm because it can lead to air pollution when the particles have dried up. It makes it unsafe for people to walk on the road as they may slip on the excess sand. Similarly, people might fall while coming to your store and get injured. You do not want to get embroiled in a legal case because of sand. 

  • Harmful for the body 

Whether it is you, your kids, or your pet, if you are going to a store, any store, you want to ensure that none of the products are harmful to the body. For example, when sand dries up, there is a high chance of the fine particles traveling through your nostril. It may lead to abrasions inside and cause you to visit the doctor.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice


Sand is not an environmentally safe deicer as it is not used to melt ice. Store owners only use it because it is cheap and freely available. It is best to invest in products such as Traction Magic that are environmentally safe and do not cause any harm to humans and property alike.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

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