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3 Ways Kitty Litter Is Harming Your Business

Snow Traction

If you don’t want gobs of icy clay scattered around your business, then you must read this. A popular myth that still does the rounds is- kitty litter is an ice melt. Well, to clear this notion, it is not. 

Residential and commercial establishments use kitty litter as an alternative to build snow traction. Since it is readily available, most people think it is the best way to melt ice and ward off the effects of winter. But they couldn’t be more wrong! 

Why Is Kitty Litter Harming Your Business? 

Less Traction

The first and foremost reason you should not use kitty or cat litter to walk ice is that it is not ideal traction. All it does, it lingers around the ice, kind of absorbs the water, and then becomes clumpy. These little clumps everywhere make it extremely difficult to walk, and it creates a huge mess.  While you may apply it to build snow traction on your premises, it sticks to the shoe soles, traces right inside your building or office, making it dirty and messy. In addition, Kitty litter has a peculiar odor after it comes in contact with water, so imagine how your customers may feel coming inside. You need the correct traction agents, such as Traction Magic, to help you solve this problem. 

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Not Environment-Friendly 

It is not an environment-friendly walk ice ingredient in the market. Kitty litter comes in various materials; however, the most popular ones are clay-based, with a difference in mixture and ratio of ingredients. Bentonites, pinewood flakes, wheat, walnut shells, sawdust, synthesized crystallized silica, etc., are a few used in one or more combinations. 

In the quest to curb the odor, companies are coming up with different formulas and mixtures. However, the fundamental problem remains the same- it is messy, forms lumps, and cannot reuse it. In addition, excessive kitty litter around your business premises can harm your vegetation by seeping into the soil and not letting the moisture stay. As a result, all your plants and flowers will wilt. 

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Expensive To Clear Out 

You will also notice tiny heaps of kitty litter around your premises once you clear it off the driveway or pathway, eventually blocking the drains and clogging them. It turns out more expensive to clear it out than to use it. 

Even while walking around the sidewalk, you will notice heaps of kitty litter that flows with the slush or brine. It is not a pleasant sight. However, if your premises face the road directly, you have to keep it clean at all times, lest you want a fine from your county. Rather than using kitty litter, it is best to use natural snow traction agents such as Traction Magic to help you battle your winter woes smoothly. 


To ensure you have the best results and do not lose out on business every winter, Traction Magic presents a unique natural formula to increase traction without causing a mess. We understand your anxiety to walk ice and build snow traction; however, with the correct ingredients, you will not only keep your customers happy but will ensure business continuity at all times.  

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