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How to find the best ice traction agent


Traction Magic Snow Grip

There is a need for an effective ice traction agent that provides instant results, melting ice to improve walking and driving conditions. Since there are so many brands out there, this article will help you make an informed buying decision to get you a product that delivers.

Here are the major things to consider


Before getting any ice melt, you need to know the chemical composition of what you are buying. Read the container label looking out for warnings and precautions indicated. The rule of thumb is that, if it is not safe for children, it definitely is not safe for your pet.  Make sure you go for environmentally friendly agents since corrosive chemicals such as chlorides found in some of these products end up causing harm. They cause corrosive damage to concrete surfaces and harm your pets.


Cheap is not always good. Most low priced traction agents have compromised quality. Do not fall for brands that mix up harmful and safe chemicals to lower their production cost. They label the product safe when it is not. Read the labels carefully.     How to use ice traction agents.

Educating yourself on how to use it is the best way to choose the best ice melt for your need, be sure to know how it works. This will save you time and money. Some types of ice melt require to be applied before snowfall so that it works from the ground upwards.

Use it as instructed to keep your surroundings safe and attractive.


Icy SidewalkProperly store it far from air, moisture, and sunlight. Opened bags should be kept airtight and also far from air, moisture, and sunlight. Read the product details.  How to dispose of ice melt agents.

Since an environmentally friendly traction agent is generally not hazardous, it can be disposed of in the trash or down the drain.

Mistakes to Avoid

Do not wait for the snow to place your order. This will ensure you have a product that meets your needs.  In an attempt to save money and time some people choose to omit using ice melt in some areas. This is a blatant risk for slip and fall accidents that end up being much more expensive.

Not reading product instructions can be disastrous. This will make you end up using too much or little product causing product trailing allover or ineffectiveness, respectively. Note; an excessive application does not improve performance.

Traction Magic in action. Carefully read application directions.  Once the product has been used, it needs to be cleaned up in a timely manner. Leaving the product there for a prolonged time will eventually cause harm by either dulling your surface, drawing out natural moisture leading to surface dryness, and so on.  Simply use a vacuum or mop along with a mild cleaning agent to clean up.

The Bottom-Line

To conclude, a good traction agent should be safe for your surfaces and pets and at the same time clear your sidewalks, storefronts, driveways, parking lots, and anywhere else. Get Traction magic for the best results. Remember, purchasing ice melt products ahead of time will save you serious problems. Don’t get stuck during snowfall!  Product recommendation: Traction Magic

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