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Tips To Prevent Parking Lot Slip And Falls

Prepare For A Blizzard

Winter ushers in a season of cozy fireplaces and festive spirit, but it also brings in a season of snow and ice-related mishaps. It is the season of the greater danger of slips, trips, and falls for many enterprises. Such instances are not something any company owner or manager wants on their property, parking lots, or sidewalks. The situation becomes even riskier after a snowstorm. The business must prepare for a blizzard in advance and keep the employees and visitors safe. Here are some tips to prevent parking lot slips and falls.

Maintaining The Parking Lot 

Developing a structured inspection program that will aid in the planning of required maintenance of parking lot and will include the following: 

  • Using slip-resistant paint, create elevation changes with vibrant, contrasting colors. 
  • Drain covers should be flush with walking surfaces.
  • Inspect your parking lot for cracks, potholes, and uneven surfaces regularly. 
  • Examine light bulbs and replace them as needed. Keep your parking lot well-lit at all times. 

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Prepare By Stocking Up On Supplies

Always keep the necessary winter safety gear on hand. It is to ensure that you are ready if the worst-case situation occurs. The following are some essentials that your company should have: 

  • A substantial supply of ice melt is available. 
  • Agent of traction 
  • Shovels to remove snow or snow drifts. 
  • To appropriately identify potentially hazardous places, use caution signs or cones. 
  • Those plowing the snow should wear reflective safety vests. 

Check the ingredients before purchasing an ice melt to ensure that it is safe for your concrete and automobiles. Salt-based ice melts are corrosive, causing damage to your surface and metal. If you are the owner of new concrete, you have to be extra cautious while choosing ice melt for new concrete as it is more prone to damage. 

Another aid to prevent winter slips and falls is using an instant traction agent. By this, you can avoid legal liabilities and keep your surfaces and vehicles safe. An effective traction agent will give you and your vehicles enough traction on slippery surfaces to avoid unwanted incidents on your premises.

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Giving Some Tips To Employees

Keep an eye out for slick weather this winter to help minimize accidents and injuries, and remind your staff to follow these easy safety tips when walking outside: 

Increase your traction by wearing footwear with thick treads. 

  • Prepare ahead of time and don’t rush or travel too quickly for the circumstances of the walking surface
  • While walking, be aware of your surroundings. Distract yourself as much as possible
  • Slowly enter buildings and keep an eye out for slick surfaces and puddles. Puddles and slick surfaces are frequently caused by tracked-in snow from footwear
  • Don’t try to save time by taking shortcuts. A shortcut path could be problematic because snow and ice clearance are less frequent
  • When getting in and out of vehicles, be cautious. Use appropriate traction.

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Winter is approaching, and seasonal dangers such as snow and ice on sidewalks and in parking lots increase the risk of slipping and falling, especially during storms with heavy snow accumulation. Therefore, prepare for a blizzard and get ready with your traction agent and other ice removal equipment.

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