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Tips On Driving On Ice

Tips on driving on ice

Snow can take a toll on our regular life and make it difficult to move around to get things done. You may have fixed new tires, but they weren’t up to the mark. You may have veered off the road somehow, and now you are looking for a way to get the tires unstuck from the snow. Therefore, here are some quick tips on driving on ice:

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These events are unpredictable, always carry Traction Magic. Whether it is to build traction while walking on sidewalks, steps, or the driveway or to help your car tires get unstuck, Traction Magic has naturally occurring minerals that are safe for the environment and help you build traction almost instantly. It comprises 7 nationally occurring geo crystals that are milled and dried. They act as absorbers and grippers, making it easy to tread slippery surfaces. 

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Tips On Driving On Ice

  • Vehicle Inspection

Do a quick vehicle check to understand if there is snow in the exhaust pipe. If yes, remove it by hand. Clear the snow around the tires with a portable shovel or with your hands. 

  • Remove The Traction Control Lever

Disengage the in-built traction control system and try pulling the car away in the lowest gear. Do not accelerate hard because it will make the tires get stuck even further. 

  • Get Help By Asking

Ask people to rock the car back and forth from outside if you have people around. Your wheel may move in the other direction, making it easier to get the tires unstuck. You can also get in touch with the 24/7 roadside assistance services, which will help you get your car out of snow, jump start a dead battery, or fill an empty gas tank. 

  • Add Traction

You can spread traction-building agents like Traction Magic to build traction in front of the tires. This will help you to disengage the tires from the snow quickly, making it easier to remove the vehicle. Some people also suggest salt free deicer. But that takes time.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice


Here are a few tips on driving on ice. Hope you now know how to drive and get your car unstuck in snow, the above methods prove useful. From keeping portable snow equipment and Traction Magic, it will help you drive in snow safely. 

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