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The Five Best Tips For Staying Safe On Ice

how to walk safely in snow slush

Most of us enjoy a day of ice skating during the winter. It’s fun, it’s exercise and it is also a great way to spend time with family and friends. But there is a risk when walking on the ice. If you don’t know how to walk safely in snow slush, you might fall into the water if the ground under your feet gives way or if your footwear isn’t strong enough to support you while walking on frozen water.

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How To Walk Safely In Snow Slush

There is no substitute for preparation.

Your first line of defense is to make sure you have the right gear. If your boots are old and worn out, then they may not provide enough traction on ice. Invest in a good traction agent. Only a few traction agents on the market can provide immediate traction without harming your concrete. Traction Magic by Gaia is a great choice because it uses eco-friendly natural ingredients with no harmful chemicals or additives. It’s safe for concrete and is 0% corrosive or messy unlike its alternatives—sand and kitty litter.

Wear The Right Clothing.

When you are outdoors, it’s always a good idea to dress in layers and wear something that covers your legs and feet. If you don’t have boots with good traction, consider wearing grippy shoes or other footwear that will give you good footing on slippery surfaces. Gloves can also help keep your hands warm and make it easier to hold onto things like ice scrapers if needed. You may want to consider tucking your pants into socks or rolling them up so they don’t get wet from snow and ice melting off of them as you walk around outside during the winter months.

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How To Walk On Ice

Taking short steps is safer than long steps. If you are walking on ice, it is important to take smaller strides and keep your feet close together. This will help you balance better and prevent any slip-ups that may result in injury.

Practice Makes Perfect.

You can’t just start walking on ice and expect to be able to do it safely. You need practice. Practice in a safe environment where there is no risk of injury or harm, like a skating rink or another flat surface.


How Thick Can Ice Be To Walk On

The thickness of the ice is an important factor in determining how much weight it can support. Ice less than 3 inches thick is not safe to walk on, as it will be very weak and may break with the weight of a person or animal. However, once you reach 3 inches in thickness, you are likely to find areas where the ice has frozen over deeper water such as ponds and lakes.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice


We hope now you know how to walk safely in a snow slush. We hope you will be able to walk safely on ice after reading this article. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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