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Are Ice Cleats For Shoes Sufficient In Snow?

Ice Cleats In Winters

Are ice cleats for shoes sufficient in the snow? Well, it depends. If you’re going to be walking on ice in the winter and wearing cleats, you need to consider the material of your shoe. Other cleats may not work as well and could even damage your shoes. Ice cleats for shoes allow you to walk safely across snow and ice without slipping. Ice cleats will keep you safe from falling and getting injured

You should also be aware that cleats are not suitable for all surfaces. For example, they will not grip onto the ice as well as they would on a dry surface. When using them on snow or slushy water, you will only be able to gain traction at a walking pace and no more.

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3 Reasons You Should NOT Use Ice Cleats For Boots

Ice cleats are not for long periods. 

You should only wear them when you need them and not continuously for more than a few hours. If you plan to do this, the ice cleat can become damaged from use and cause injury.

It can be challenging to walk in ice cleats on hard ground. You may get away with wearing them indoors, but going outside on pavement or other hard surfaces can be hard. If there are any cracks, you could easily slip as easily as if you weren’t wearing them.

Water can get into your cleats

While ice cleats for boots are a great way to keep you from slipping and falling on slick surfaces, they’re not waterproof. If it rains or the road is wet, water can get into your cleats and make them heavy and awkward to walk in. Water also makes the rubber more slippery than when dry, which can be dangerous if you’re trying to cross an icy sidewalk or driveway.

Restricts the range of your motion

If you decide to use them, mind that they can be annoying to put on and take off. And once you do have them on, they can restrict your range of motion, making it really hard to do some of your regular activities that require bending or squatting.

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Having ice cleats for shoes also means that you can damage any ice or hard surface you walk on. The cleats will chip the ice, causing it to break and fall off in chunks, which can cause damage to property and people. If a chunk of ice hits the floor of your home or car, it could cause a lot of damage that would not be covered by insurance (and we all know how expensive those premiums are!).


We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and that we have convinced you that ice spikes are not the best choice for walking or driving on snow and ice. We can recommend some alternatives like using a traction agent instead! Traction Magic is 100% natural and provides increased traction for walking on ice. You can also use it on your car tires if your car gets stuck in snow or not climbing on your inclined driveway.

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