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How To Drive On Black Ice?

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Black ice or clear ice is one of the most persistent problems of the winter season. Every year nearly 116,000 people are injured in car accidents on icy roads, and more than 76,000 people are hurt in crashes during sleet or snowfall. What a number, right! You can only be too careful while traveling on icy roads or black ice, and you must have a blizzard emergency kit handy in case of any untoward incident.

Whether you use an all-natural ice melt or not, you must follow a few essential tips and tricks to keep yourself safe every winter. 

  • Drive Slowly 

Since black ice is invisible, you may push the pedal to get to your location fast, only to realize it was a mistake! Therefore, one of the foremost safety tips to drive on black ice is to move slowly with blinkers on. It not only helps you maintain a grip and hold on your vehicle, but it also helps the cars behind identify with a moving object in the front. 

  • Tailing Too Close 

We often make the mistake of staying too close to the car before us. Tailing too close may be more dangerous than you think. If the person in front applies their brake too quickly, there will be a chance of you crashing into them in a split of a second. Hence, another precaution you must take is not to tail the person too close or stay too close to a car in front. 

  • You Have Not Correctly Deiced Roads. 

Most road departments use salt to deice all roads and ignore the benefits of an all-natural ice melt. However, using a natural ice melt or deicer will prevent road term concrete damage and keep the environment safe. Products such as Traction Magic or Safe Thaw can help resolve this problem almost immediately. It must also form a core part of your blizzard emergency kit while driving in small alleys or entering your driveway. 

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  • Applying The Brakes Too Quickly 

Another safety tip while traveling on black ice, another safety tip is not to apply brakes too quickly or suddenly. Any sudden movement may topple your car over or cause it to skid relentlessly, making you crash. You must ensure you do not brake too soon to avoid meeting with an accident and help the others follow you. 

  • Driving Without A Blizzard Emergency Kit 

If you are driving in a heavy blizzard, you must keep your blizzard emergency kit handy. It must include- warm clothes, blanket, spare tires, non-perishable food, emergency flashlight, snow boots, gloves, enough water for at least three days, and a first aid kit. These prove helpful when you want to cover longer distances. 

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With more people becoming conscious about the perils of black ice and the injuries caused after that, you must have your emergency blizzard kit ready and ensure you follow the above tips to keep yourself safe. You can also add a jar of Traction Magic in your boot space to help you wade through slippery conditions better. 

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

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