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Commercial Traction Agent: How To Choose The Best One

Traction Magic - To Improve Traction On Snow

Have you thought of all the times you were about to fall and somehow helped yourself stand back up? Your feet were about to slip, but you managed to balance yourself? You often face such situations while walking on an icy layer after a heavy snowstorm. Besides using ice melt products, you also need snow traction post a snowfall to prevent slipping and injuring yourself.

Top Five Ways To Choose The Best Snow Traction Agent:


It has to be safe for the environment and on your premises. 90% material around us is concrete or asphalt, and we have to make sure we maintain it well. Harsh ice melt leaves a residue on your concrete and increases cracks on them over time. Having said this, you need an eco-friendly traction agent, such as Traction Magic, to help you walk safely on a slippery surface.


Some ice melt and traction agents absorb the moisture around them. It leaves them soggy and wet, thus leaving them unusable later. They form clumps despite storing them in dry places and make them zero cost-effective. You need a product that can be stored after use or after the season gets over without worrying about it getting spoilt.


Some traction agents such as sawdust or sand, or kitty litter act as temporary solutions to a far bigger problem. They become clumpy or mix with the ice water, making them difficult to walk on. Besides, our shoes track the dirt inside the premises, making it dirty. We have to clean the premises during winter constantly. With Traction Magic, you can avoid all these problems, as the residue does not stick to the sole of your shoes and does not track itself inside. It helps to keep your rugs, mats, and floor clean.

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After using the traction agent, you want your premises to become clean of it. However, there is a higher chance of polluting the vegetation and drains around your commercial premises with average products. In addition, some of the traction agents settle on the sewer drains or clog them or mix with the waterways, thus polluting the river or ponds nearby. With Traction Magic, you are free from all these worries as it is not only reusable, it does not clog drains and nor does it destroy your vegetation.


We need to be prudent while choosing a cost-effective and eco-friendly product to improve traction on snow. Traction Magic offers you an affordable range of products to help you quickly budget your expenses and take care of your safety at the same time.

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As a commercial establishment, you need to buy large product quantities to improve traction on snow. In addition, since you experience heavy footfall on any given day, you have to ensure your products match your expectations and give your customers peace of mind to come back.

Hotel and restaurants, warehouses, retail stores, pharmacies, medical stores, salons, banks, etc., use commercial snow traction agents more often than other industrial establishments.

With Traction Magic, create a safe space for your employees, customers, and yourself every day!

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