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4 Easy Ways To Improve Tire Grip In Winters

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Winter driving can be challenging, and you should prepare your car to face the extreme winter weather. Skidding and collisions are quite common in the winter season due to the slippery road conditions.

However, certain precautions can reduce the risk of these accidents and should be followed for safe driving. Snowstorms reduce tire traction on ice and also affect visibility while driving. Therefore, first and foremost, always drive slow during snowstorms

Here are few simple tips that can help you to increase your tires traction of ice during the winter:

1. Use winter tires in place of all-season tires

Winter tires are your best bet to invest in your safety when it comes to getting more traction on the road during winters. The tread rubber of winter tires remains flexible even in extreme temperatures to provide you better traction on the road. The rubber of all-season tires becomes stiff in cold weather and tends to skid more on the road. Winter tires will help you get a solid grip on the road for confident driving.

2. Drive in tracks cleared by other vehicles

It is difficult to maneuver the vehicle in thick snow deposits. And there are high chances that your vehicle might get stuck if the snow layers are several inches deep. The best way is to drive your car in the tracks cleared by other vehicles on the road. 

3. Traction agents 

Even with cars with winter tires installed, some patches are too slick to drive in snow. It mostly happens when you drive on tricky patches like inclines of driveways or parking lots. Traction Magic comes in handy when you need immediate traction on tires. It is composed of two types of granules – absorbers and grippers. 

The role of the absorber granule is to absorb the excess water on the ice layer. The presence of water in the ice layer is the reason why ice becomes slippery. The role of gripper granules is to penetrate the ice layer with the help of their spiky layers and provide friction between the tire and ice surface. 

You can simply rub the Traction Magic granules on the surface of the tires to remove the car stuck in the snow. You also get a handy bottle to store in your glove box for immediate use.

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4. Tire snow chains

Tire snow chains can also help drivers maintain control in slippery road conditions by increasing traction between the tire and the road. But, installing chains on tires is tricky and has to be done carefully else they might damage the tires. With tire snow chains, you can drive your vehicle with a maximum speed of 40-50 km/hr. It is therefore not advisable for highway driving. Tire chains are more suited for cars in hilly regions where the incline is steep, and snow is several inches high.


Prepare yourself and your vehicle for the coming winters. Traction on ice for car tires is required to prevent any accident or collision during snowstorms. You can choose one or many options mentioned in the article to improve your tire grip.

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