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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Sand On Your Premises

Tire Grips On Snow

Every winter, the most sought-after product by every household and the commercial establishment is ice melt and traction agents. Every winter, we all try different things to protect ourselves, from looking for innovative ways to create tire grips on snow to create a viable safety net. So how can you ensure your premises do not get affected by the after-effects of a blizzard? 

Besides using different types of ice melt for blizzard safety, we also use other traction agents to create a better grip while walking or driving on snow. 

A few popular ice melts- calcium chloride, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, carbonyl diamide or Urea, magnesium chloride, etc. 

A few less expensive traction agents include- sand, kitty litter, sawdust, etc. 

But Why Should You Not Use Sand On Your Premises? 

Gets Buried Under The Snow 

Sand does not provide any blizzard safety to your premises. It is applied on icy surfaces for additional traction after spreading an ice melt. However, it will remain on the surface till the ice does not melt and gets buried under the water or flows away. 

If it flows with the melted water, you will have to reapply it, making it repetitive and tedious. Although you have to pay attention to logistics; however, we believe you need to value the time you spend in reapplying it. 

Not Environment-Friendly 

After the ice melts and the sand flows along with the melted water near the drains, it has a high chance of blocking it. It can get inside the gutters and clog them, making it difficult for the water to flow freely into the sewers. You will have to incur additional expenditures to clean the drains. 

If you have large premises, the amount of sand buildup can harm your vegetation too. Excessive sand deposits on the sand will absorb the moisture from the soil, thus leaving your plants and flowers wilted and lifeless. 

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Not Entirely Safe For Tires 

Tire grips on snow if there is a reasonable amount of ice melt and traction buildup. However, with sand, if you over-apply it, there is a high chance of forming slush and brine, making it difficult for the tires to tread appropriately. In addition, it is slightly abrasive and might stick to the bottom of your vehicle, blocking the carburetor or fuel pump.  

100% Environment-Friendly Solution 

With Traction Magic, you get extra protection from black ice and any emergency. It uses only half the quantity of any other traction agent, making it cost-effective.

Traction Magic comprises seven naturally procured geo-crystals that are 100% safe for the environment, vegetation, concrete, tires, premises, pets, and humans alike.

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It does not cause any harm and does not block drains either. Once you finish using it, sweep it off the premises and add them to your vegetation, thus boosting your plant growth. Because of its all-natural formula, it can be reused through the season and provide blizzard safety too. It lasts on the surface for almost 72 hours, making it easy to form tire grips on snow. 

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

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