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Traction On Ice


It is almost certain that you will slip and fall on snow once in your lifetime. The seemingly harmless falls can sometimes escalate into serious health problems. Indeed, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 20,000 cases of ice-related falls were reported in 2016 all of which required the victims to spend at least a day away from work. Approximately 25 percent of all winter ice-related falls have been observed to happen in parking lots.

Losing Traction On Ice

Icefalls are common for the same reason that cars end up in ditches after sliding off the road, loss of traction. Maintaining traction on ice is hard for one reason: each molecule of water on the ice surface forms lesser bonds (2-3) with other molecules than the water molecules inside the ice block. These loosely bonded water molecules act as a thin layer of a super-lubricant. The loosely packed water molecules on the surface of the ice ensure that there is very minimal friction between the feet and the layer of ice below.


Precautions can be taken against slipping and falling but these physical measures are never enough. Some physical precautions include walking slowly, taking small steps, walking with free rather than pocketed hands, and holding onto any form of support if available among other things. The challenge is that once you get distracted for a second, the next thing is you gliding freely along the icy surface. There are however new and innovative solutions being developed to address the challenge of low traction on ice. The most widely used and recommended traction agent in the market is Traction Magic.

Traction Magic for Traction on Ice

Traction Magic works in two ways on ice. First, it absorbs the thin fluid-like layer on the ice surface, and then it’s grippers attach themselves onto the ice with spike-like ends. The good news about Traction Magic is that it is safe for both humans, pets, and the environment. It has zero effect on your property, unlike other traction agents that contained harmful chemicals and corrosive salts that have been found to destroy concrete walls, parking lots, and driveways.

Traction Magic is currently available as a commercial and residential solution for restoring traction on ice. Businesses will find Traction Magic to be very effective for minimizing on-site accidents and injuries which can get costly. Homeowners… please don’t forget to protect yourself and your loved ones from injuries this winter. Let us all avoid the painful ride to the hospital and wasted days as we heal broken limbs, get Traction Magic for your home or your workplace.

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