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Traction Magic Vs Rock Salt

Alternative To Rock Salt

Traction Magic and rock salt are used to clear ice off driveways and walkways. They both are effective, but Traction Magic, which is considered a great alternative to rock salt, has some advantages over rock salt that you should know about before deciding which option is correct.

Rock Salt Is Nothing But Sodium Chloride.

It’s a naturally occurring compound used as a de-icer to melt ice and snow. Rock salt is the most common source of sodium chloride, which makes up about 95 percent of all table salt sold in the United States. In addition to its use as a food preservative and flavor enhancer for cooking and baking, rock salt is used on icy sidewalks or driveways after snowstorms. Although, it’s not the same as the salt you eat. If you’re searching for amazon sidewalk pros and cons on the internet, you must know using salt on it can damage your sidewalk.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

Traction Magic Is A Combination Of Beneficial Minerals.

  • Traction Magic is a specific combination of minerals beneficial to the environment. These minerals are natural, not chemical. They do not harm plants or animals, and they are not harmful to concrete or gravel in any way. Additionally, they are non-corrosive to metals and do not cause damage when used on driveways or other surfaces.
  • Rock salt has been used for decades as an ice-melting agent, but it has several side effects that make it less than ideal as a driveway treatment option: It can damage concrete and metal surfaces. It may harm plants growing near where you spread rock salt. Moreover, it can lead to corrosion problems with pipes, drains, and lawn equipment if left sitting overnight.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

Traction Magic Can Also Be Used To Prevent Ice Buildup Before It Starts. 

Rock salt is corrosive to metals, such as your car’s undercarriage or engine components. It’s corrosive enough that if you spill rock salt onto concrete or gravel and then try to wash it off with water, it will damage the surface of your driveway or sidewalk.

Traction Magic is the safest alternative to rock salt because it doesn’t contain any chemicals harmful to concrete or steel surfaces – including metals in your car’s undercarriage!

Rock Salt Works On Contact, While Traction Magic Works Proactively.

Rock salt works on contact, while Traction Magic works proactively. Rock salt is used on ice and snow when it’s already there, but Traction Magic can be applied before the weather turns bad to keep your pavement free of ice buildup for as long as possible.

Many people call Traction Magic to be the best alternative to rock salt. It’s because it is a versatile product that can be used on nearly any surface. It’s perfect for keeping your walkways clear of dangerous slipperiness and your garage floor safe from the perils of slippery oil spots.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice


There are several differences between Traction Magic and rock salt. Rock salt is more harmful to concrete, gravel, and metals, but Traction Magic is much more gentle on these surfaces. Traction Magic can be used in larger quantities than rock salt without worrying about damage. However, you don’t need Traction Magic in large quantities as it’s super effective. 

Traction Magic comprises a blend of natural volcanic rock granules and seven other minerals that are all-natural ice melt used to build traction on any surface and help you walk without falling. It is ideal for commercial premises, parking lots, large industrial establishments, construction sites, and even roads! In addition, you can remain stress-free because it will not harm your vegetation, pets, or kids.

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