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Traction Magic – 5 Big Myths Busted

Eco Friendly Deicer - Traction Magic

Some people are against the idea of using traction agents as they wonder whether these are safe like the much popular eco-friendly deicer or not. Although the concept of traction is not new, many people are still unaware of how it works and how Traction Magic might help prevent slips and falls. 

As a result of this unawareness, some myths regarding the product have developed. In this article, we’ll bust these myths and explain what this product is all about.

1. Can ruin concrete

Some products, particularly those containing salts or powerful chemicals, can harm concrete. The top layer of concrete begins to dissolve and flake off because of ice melt and other chemical-based traction agents. It is known as “spalling.”

You want to keep your family safe and avoid being in a legal battle, but you don’t want to harm your pricey concrete either. A mid-way solution for both problems is a toxin-free traction agent. It will not work as ice melt but will provide a gritty, solid layer on snowy surfaces to give you and your visitors a better footing. It’s an all-natural product, free of chemicals, colors, and salts that can harm your property.

  2. Waste of money

Some homeowners prefer to hire snow removal professionals, make their ice melt at home, or use traditional snow traction methods. All these options are usually exhausting, untidy, or end up costing more in the long run. 

Common friction agents like sand, sawdust, or cat litter can be used, but the process is time-consuming and requires a lot of cleaning afterward. On the other hand, Traction Magic is simple to use and more successful than other methods.

It also saves you money on healthcare costs and lawsuits. Moreover, it can be swept up and placed back into the emergency kit after use. Thus, making it more economical.

3. Bad for the environment

Traction Magic employs a more effective way of adding traction while avoiding dangerous salt bases and chemicals. As a result, it is a sustainable and environmentally beneficial product. 

If Traction Magic residue is left behind, it benefits the environment by acting as a soil conditioner and promoting the healthy growth of trees and plants. Runoff from roads where it is applied poses no harm to water bodies and does not create any damage.

4. Slow to work

Walk On Ice with Traction Magic

Traction Magic gives instant traction and may be used on sidewalks, steps, or even your car to produce traction. Unlike rock salt, it won’t harm your pavement or tires. It provides traction even in the coldest conditions. 

When your automobile is stuck, or you need to stroll across pathways, driveways, or decks, you can use it. Traction Magic gives faster traction than other traction agents, ice melts, or eco-friendly deicers.  

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5. Can harm pets:

People, plants, children, pets, and the environment all suffer long-term consequences and harmful side effects from salt-based traction agents. You can safely use this product near your pets. It has solid natural components, such as absorbers and grippers found in nature. As a result, they do not hurt humans, children, pets, or the environment as a whole.

Conclusion: Make Use Of Eco-Friendly Deicer

You can safely use Traction magic at home or for business without worrying about corrosion and harmful chemicals. Moreover, it works in all temperatures instantly and can be reused. So, leave behind all the myths and use it yourself to see the magic.

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