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How Traction Magic Works – The Science Behind

Non-toxic Natural Traction Agent

Icemelt does not serve the need for people to cross the icy or snowy surface immediately. One million Americans are injured every year . Nearly 600,000 are hospitalized every year due to falls on ice. As per other statistics, falls account for 64% of insurance claims and 20% of all spinal cord injuries in Americans every year. In such cases, a traction agent works better than an ice melt or salt. Traction Magic is a traction agent composed of natural ingredients.

Before we understand the scientific mechanism of how Traction magic works, let’s understand why we fall.

Why We Fall-

It’s not the ice because of which we fall. Yes, the reality is, we slip because of the thin layer of free water at the surface of the ice. This layer of water is always present irrespective of what the temperature is. The loosely bonded molecules of water make the surface slippery. Therefore, the underlying reason why we slip on icy surfaces or car tires skid is the lack of friction or natural traction.

What Is Traction Magic

Traction Magic is a traction agent that has 100% natural ingredients in its blend. This product is a blend of natural volcanic rock and seven other minerals which are safe for everyone and can be reused. These geo crystals are gathered from mines and then processed to produce the product. Different crystals are selected to maximize the absorption of the free water. These different-sized crystals bury themselves into the ice and create the “sandpaper effect” representing a non-slip surface.

This is achieved while Traction Magic remains 100% safe to handle, chemical-free, and safe on all surfaces, including new concrete.

It is an ISO 9001 certified non-toxic natural traction agent safe for children, pets, plants, and the environment.

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How Do Natural Crystals Of Traction Magic Work?

Traction Magic has a two-way effect. The carefully crafted formula contains primarily two types of granules- suckers and grippers.

First of all, the suckers absorb the liquid layer of water on the surface of the ice that causes slipperiness. Then the grippers hook themselves into the ice creating a stable non-skid surface to travel on by car or by foot. It provides friction and mattifies the surface. Thus, providing a stable surface on which you can drive safely or take your children and pets for a walk without fear of slipping and falling.

How Do Natural Crystals Of Traction Magic Work?
How Traction Magic Works - The Science Behind
How Traction Magic Works - The Science Behind

Traction Magic uses this collaborative approach to ensure instant traction on any snowy surface without using any harmful chemicals or salts. It’s a more practical solution for slippery ice surfaces that is cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Unlike other traction agents that include dangerous chemicals and corrosive salts that can demolish concrete walls, parking lots, and driveways, it does not harm your property.

Unlike kitty litter, it does not leave any residue on your shoes or tires. Therefore it is a mess-free chemical-free solution for adding instant traction.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

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