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Non Toxic Ice Melter


Snow can be fun. Going snowboarding, snow ball fights or making a snow man with your children can be fun but this magical season also posses its own challenges that we cannot ignore. Movement is one of them and while watching people skid and fall on snow can be funny, people get hurt and worse still driving on ice or snow can be fatal. Ice reduces the grip between the tires and the road making the is limited by the snow which makes the car not to be stable leading to skids and also affects braking which can lead to accidents.


There are so many different tips given on the internet on how to walk on ice and so many products in the market that either take so long before they work or they are simply toxic and harmful to the environment. At Gaia Enterprise Inc., we have a solution for you.


Gaia Enterprise Inc., was named after a mother earth deity for the Minoan Civilization of ancient Greek and our main aim is to replace harmful products with safe options that are sustainable. All our products are made and assembled in the USA. Traction Magic is one of our products that is a non toxic ice melter and its the best in the market. Our Traction magic ice management agent is safe for children, pets,plants and even your surfaces.


The product has granules that are red in color and It comes with the option of 15-lb bucket and 35-lb bag. We also have the bulk order option which you can buy from us directly or one of our listed distributors. It works by absorbing the liquid on the ice and while the spike-like ends grippers hold on the ice sheet forming a stable surface that you can drive safely on or have a walk with your children and pets without having to worry them being affected by the product. To use, simply remove any loose snow on the track and spread Traction Magic on the ice tracks and if your car is stuck just spread some on the tires to enable the car to move.


Advantages of using Traction Magic by Gaia include


1. Non toxic. Pet and child safe

2. Contain so salt or chemicals making it 100% safe for the environment.

3. Gives immediate tire traction.

4. Safe to use on concrete and stone.

5. Easy to use.

Our US distributors include;

· Phillips Pet Foods and Supplies

· PetFoodExperts

· Bradley Cadwell



US Retail Stores include;


· Petco

· Bigy

· Tisol

· Pet Supermarket

· Petvalu

· Aubuchon Hardware


Our distributor in Canada is Freedom Pet Supplies and our retail stores include Petvalu, Tisol, Bosleys, Mondou and Costco. You can also order online by visiting our shop through this link and we will ship within 2-3 working days. Other online stores include, eBay,,,, among others. Delivery Terms and Conditions may vary. Make this and any snow season hustle free by getting our super effective and non toxic ice melter and join the movement of people who care about the environment.

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