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Things You Need To Know Before Running In Cold Weather

how to walk on ice

We all know the feeling: You’re ready to go for a run, but then it starts snowing. The last thing you want to do is get out there and risk slipping and falling on the icy pavement or making yourself sick with overexertion. The good news is that there are ways to prevent slipping on ice and still enjoy your workouts in the winter months. Here are some tips for safely running in the snow:

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Dress Smart

Wear layers. The more clothes you have on, the warmer you’ll be. Wear a hat and gloves. A hat can help keeping your ears warm, and gloves will protect your hands from cold temperatures as well as snow and ice that may cause blisters if not properly protected by a pair of gloves.

Wear waterproof shoes or boots with good traction if you plan on running through snow or icy conditions. I would also recommend wearing waterproof thermal pants underneath your regular pants because they won’t let any moisture build up inside them while allowing air flow circulation under there instead!

Start Slow

Make sure to start slow. If you’re used to running at a certain pace, try starting at a slower pace and then build up from there. 

If you do decide to run outside, make sure that:

  • Your body is warmed up before going out into the cold (you should be able to hold a conversation without gasping for breath).
  • You have proper gear: boots with good traction; waterproof winter clothing; sunglasses or goggles (if running during daylight hours).

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

Try The Treadmill

You can also try running on a treadmill or in a gym if the weather makes it difficult to run outside safely. This way, it won’t seem like as much of an interruption in your routine. Treadmills are great for running because they allow you to control both speed and incline so that you don’t have to worry about slipping on ice or struggling through deep drifts of snow. You also have no worries about being hit by a car if you’re running on the road—and if there’s heavy traffic in your area during rush hour hours, this could be a big plus.


Choose Traction Over Speed

How to walk on ice? When walking or running in the snow, traction is more important than speed. Slipping and falling can be dangerous, so it’s critical to have good footwear and gloves that will help you keep your footing on slick surfaces.

Wear Socks That Fit

Wear socks that fit. A warm layer of socks will keep your feet dry and prevent blisters by wicking away moisture from your skin, but if they’re too thick or made of cotton, they’ll trap heat and cause your feet to sweat and swell up. A good rule of thumb is to wear thin polyester athletic socks during the winter—they’re durable, breathable, and have anti-bacterial properties.

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Use Traction Agent – Traction Magic

To prevent slips and falls in and around your property, try using traction agents like Traction Magic when you’re walking on slick surfaces. The mud-like granules of Traction Magic comprise 7 naturally occurring geo crystals that act as absorbers and grippers. The absorbers siphon off the water while the grippers hold onto the ice or snow to create a non-slip surface. You can spread it on the steps, under the tires, or when getting out of the vehicle to get instant traction. It helps to maintain a good grip and does not stick to the shoes. 


By following these tips, you’ll be able to prevent slipping on ice and safely enjoy running in the snow.

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