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How To Safely Walk On Black Ice?

Dangers Of Walking On Ice

Ice in any form is dangerous to tread. There is always a fear of slipping, thus, injuring our back or spine. Falling on your back can have a lasting impact on your life and walking abilities too. Did you know that, on average, there are nearly a million injuries every year during winters? That is a considerable number, isn’t it! Now, you can only imagine the dangers of walking on ice every time you step out, right?

If you are wondering how to walk safely on black ice, let’s help you understand how you can do that without making your winter miserable.  


Sand is primarily used to build traction. It is cheap and readily available at your nearest home depot or stores around you. It is a massive misconception that sand melts ice; however, the contrary is true. Walking on snow and ice is tumultuous during peak winters, and sand melts the ice and creates brine or slush. In addition, it sticks to the soles of the shoes and makes a mess when you walk inside the house with them.

Kitty Litter

Another ingredient people use to avoid slipping on ice and snow is kitty litter. Yes, as the name says, it is the litter box material that people spread around their driveway and sometimes carry with them. It is not only messy but leaves you walking in slush more than anything else. It is not a long-term solution as it hampers the environment too.  

Walk On Ice 

A 100% environment-friendly traction agent, Walk On Ice covers 200 sq. ft. per one pound and is super easy to carry too. It comprises all-natural minerals that are chloride-free and salt-free. It is not all messy and sticks to the surface, creating an instant skid-free and slip-free surface. It is ideal for all types of environment such as pet traffic, foot traffic, car traffic, and much more. Whether at home or in ample open space, Walk On Ice helps you overcome the dangers of walking on the ice every time, even on black ice!

Get ready for winter with Walk On Ice instant traction on snow and ice


It is not ideal for deicing your surroundings or even helping you walk on black ice, but many people still use it to help break the surface tension momentarily. The long-run repercussions have a far-reaching effect that comes to the forefront only once time passes. It is one of the ways of walking on snow and ice, but not an ideal one.


We have beet juice, several chlorides, sawdust, etc., to create traction or even deice the surroundings. But we often forget that the dangers of walking on ice are not limited to a one-time activity. It would help if you carried something, such as Walk On Ice, to help you spread around wherever you go.

It can easily fit in your car, bag, or even in the corner of your office! Liberally sprinkling the granules will help you tread quickly without falling or skidding.  

Get ready for winter with Walk On Ice instant traction on snow and ice

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