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Ice Spikes For Commercial Vehicle Tires: Do They Work?

Ice Spikes For Tires

Oh no! Winters are fast approaching, and you know what happened last winter, right? Tire trouble, skidding on icy roads, and a near accident experience. Don’t let low traction in snow make things worse for you this winter. If you are a business owner, you have to be extra careful with your commercial vehicles, especially tire maintenance.

Slipping or skidding is more prominent on black ice. Encountering black ice is a common problem for most people living in cold regions of the country. You feel a sudden shot of chill when you step out, and your tires can no longer hold the grip; this is when ice spikes for tires come in handy.

When water crystallizes on the black tar road, it is almost impossible for drivers to see where they are heading. While tire chains and eco-friendly products build traction in snow, many people prefer ice spikes for tires.

But Do Ice Spikes Work? 

1. Each stud size varies depending on the tire type and gets fitted with a specific measure of studs.

2. Ice spikes for tires help the commercial vehicle maintain a grip while driving on icy roads. Although some countries ban the use of tire spikes and studs, you will have to check with our state department.

3. They protect the vehicle from skidding and help avoid accidents, especially while traveling long distances.

4. Since they are fitted well into the tires, they claw out enough to help build traction and maintain stability while driving your vehicle.

5. The ice spikes for commercial vehicles work well if they are maintained well; however, in deep snow, you may find it difficult to travel even with ice spikes.

6. They produce a ticking road noise when you move, and the spikes come in contact with the pavement or road. However, you can quickly move on roads without ice or snow build-up too. 

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What Precautions Can You Take During Winters Besides Using Ice Spikes?

1. Get snow studs fixed on your vehicle tires to avoid skidding.

2 Always keep a traction agent, such as Traction Magic, in your vehicle to spread on the most slippery portion.

3. Install winter tires if you want to avoid any accidents. These have deeper treads and make it easy to move on snow and icy roads.

4. Avoid driving fast on icy roads as you have a higher chance of skidding.

5. Carry out regular tire maintenance and change it in case of too much wear and tear. Tire maintenance is the first thing you invest in before the onset of winters.

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Ice spikes can help to build traction in snow; however, using ice spikes on commercial vehicle tires is a personal choice. Some people prefer installing it, while some believe in using 100% eco-friendly traction agents, such as Traction Magic, or changing their tires to winter ones.

Maintaining your tires is the only way any solution will work. 

Ice spikes or not, if you need any additional help in understanding more about winter tire care, give us a call right away!

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