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Get Your Restaurant Winter Ready In 5 Steps

preparation for blizzards

If you’re a restaurant owner, you know the challenges of keeping your premises up and running all the time. New Year and Christmas are around the corner. Certainly, you’d be expecting a boost in footfall and sales but is your premise winter ready? To ensure your customers and those passing by your restaurant are safe, you must have all the preparation for blizzards ready.

Here are five easy ways you can prep your restaurant for this winter season.

1. Adding Traction 

As a responsible business owner, you must invest in an environmentally friendly deicer that will not damage your surroundings. Most ice melt contains chemicals in their blend that are not safe for concrete in the long run. However, with products such as Traction Magic, you can rest assured to protect your concrete and build traction that is safe for everyone walking on it.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

2. Snow Removal Tools

Some of the must-have tools in your restaurant are a shovel, environmentally friendly deicer, traction agent, etc. Other than these, you can also have a snow blower, scraper that will prove beneficial once winters arrive. If you already have this equipment, make sure you service them and make them rust-free.

3. Clear The Gutters, Drains, And Chimneys

The biggest preparation for blizzards includes getting ready with snow accumulation problems. Snow accumulates on your roof and its corners, especially if you have a flat roof. Clearing your storm drains, chimneys, and gutters is imperative in winters. Make sure they are free of any dried leaves or debris for melted snow to pass by without hassle. The moment it is stuck, you will start seeing water seepage on the side of your walls or ceiling. Get your roof and gutters cleaned immediately to avoid any more mounting expenses later.

4. Disinfect Your Premises

Winter is a season to be jolly and ensure there are no untoward incidents inside your restaurant. Hire professional disinfection service providers who can kick all the rodents out and clear out any pests or termites, if any. You do not want your customers to run into any surprises while they visit you, do you?

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

5. Heating System

One of the essential requirements for every winter season is a fully-functional heating system. Winters can be bone-chilling, and if your heating system malfunctions, you have a high probability of losing customers because no one can withstand chilly weather conditions.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice


While we must invest in environmentally friendly ice melt, it is also essential to maintain a proper timeline to help you make a lasting impact. There is a lot at stake for you and your customers because the law mandates you to maintain clean and clear premises, free from snow or ice. You must keep clearing the surface at regular intervals so that you do not face any liability later.

With Traction Magic, you can be relaxed and continue to reap the benefits of your business this winter season.

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