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Do This To Improve Tire Grip Of Commercial Vehicles

Preparing For Blizzards

Every winter, the most common problem we all face is driving on snow and ice-laden roads. Therefore, preparing for blizzards becomes most crucial during this time. The government takes adequate measures to ensure you do not face any problem; however, you need to be doubly sure that you do not skid while driving. In addition, our tires get burnt out due to constant usage; thus, taking extra care during the winter season becomes essential.

Ice melt for new concrete is rare and does not help you in any way. Traveling on new concrete with ice melt will not help form a grip. Commercial vehicles require special tire treatment to help them travel long distances and carry heavy loads most of the time. There are many ways in which we can improve the tire grip of commercial vehicles-

– Annual Check 

Examine the tire health before the onset of winters. You need to ensure that your commercial vehicle tires are checked for wear and tear to identify any tire damage. If not done correctly, it will take a toll on your tires, leading you to change them soon. An annual tire check along with tire rotation is essential to maintain the tire grip of your commercial vehicles.

Snow Chains

When preparing for blizzards, another excellent way to increase the tire grip of commercial vehicles is by using easy-to-install snow chains. They help drivers to maintain control over slippery roads by providing increased traction. It is advisable to get them installed with the help of a professional.

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– Snow Socks 

They are similar to snow chains and go directly around the tire without any problem. They are made of fabric; however, the fibers are such that the snow and ice stick to them as you drive, making them grip more.

– Tracks cleared By Other Cars.

It is advisable to follow a vehicle when traveling under extreme weather conditions. The tracks cleared by other cars serve as a safe point to travel easily. In addition, you are at least at risk of losing your grip, especially since the track size is similar to your commercial vehicle.

– Winter Tires

You can buy a unique set of winter tires that are far more practical and best-suited for wintry conditions. But then, please remove them and attach your regular ones and store them after drying them up properly when not in use.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice


With so many options, you now know how to keep your tires safe and help them grip better in winters. However, when you are on the move, you need a traction agent that can help you move better on extra slippery surfaces or maintain safety at all times.

You can keep Traction Magic handy as it helps build immediate traction in case of extra slippery surfaces or when you step out of your vehicle. Winters are tricky, and so are maintaining commercial vehicles. Our top advice is – don’t apply ice melt on new concrete as it will start cracking and prepare for blizzards in advance.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

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