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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Sand To Melt Ice

sand for traction on ice

However, people don’t realize the after-effects of sand that are potentially harmful to the environment. While many may resort to melting ice with vinegar or beet juice, it is not a healthy and long-term option.

The Dangers of Traditional Ice Melts

Many people turn to traditional ice melts, often made from salts and chemicals, as a solution. While they can effectively melt ice, these substances can harm your concrete surfaces over time, leading to costly repairs. Additionally, they pose risks to pets if ingested and can have harmful environmental impacts.

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The Misconception: Does Sand Melt Ice?

First, we need to debunk a common myth: sand does not melt ice. While sand can provide a bit of traction on icy surfaces due to its gritty nature, it doesn’t have ice-melting properties. Moreover, it can easily be blown away and, once the ice melts, the leftover sand can turn your yard or driveway into a messy quagmire. Therefore, if you’re thinking of using sand to melt ice– stop there.

Top 5 Reasons Not To Use Sand To Melt Ice

1. It Does Not Melt Ice– Sand is used to build traction and not melt ice. The moment it absorbs the excess water, it becomes muddy and slushy, making it difficult for us to walk. It sticks to the shoes and traces inside the house or building, creating difficulty to clean the mess. It is not one of the most environmentally friendly ice melt products as it is only used for traction and not melting the ice.

2. Choking Hazard– It may affect your lungs because trace materials will travel to your lungs when you use sand in bulk and cause a slight choking sensation. In addition, it might prove harmful to pets, kids, and adults alike.

3. Clearing Problem– After the water dries up or the moisture evaporates, the excessive sand around your house or commercial establishment will travel with the wind and enter your home or office, making it dusty. It seeps inside the pores of your carpet, grooves of your windows and doors, and gets stuck on your car’s AC vents too.    

4. Blocks Gutters– When you sweep the sand towards the gutters or drains, it is highly possible to block the vents, making it difficult for the water to flow. It piles up inside the gutter or drain and is difficult to remove.

5. Harms Vegetation– Excessive sand does not help or add any value to the vegetation or landscape of your home or office. It does not provide any nutritional value to the soil as it covers the topsoil that can have the ability to absorb moisture and boost plant growth. With sand, the plant growth gets stunted.

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Traction Magic: Creating Instant Traction

For traction, instead of using sand or kitty litter, consider Traction Magic. This product is a 100% natural traction agent that works instantly, providing secure footing on all icy surfaces. Whether it’s your sidewalk, steps, or even your car tires, Traction Magic offers immediate traction.

Traction Magic is made from a blend of natural volcanic rock and seven other minerals. It absorbs the liquid layer on ice, allowing the grippers to lock onto the ice and create a stable, non-skid surface. It’s safe for plants, pets, and won’t damage property – the perfect alternative to sand.


While many people use sand, thinking it is a better alternative to ice melt; however, it is advisable only to use proprietary traction agents. Traction Magic can absorb water and build traction for a more extended period, making it a better alternative to sand.

If you wonder does concrete melt with Traction Magic, it does not. However, using sand does not prove good for the environment, kids, pets, and even you.

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A: Safe Thaw is designed to melt ice without the corrosive effects associated with traditional ice melts, which often contain salts that can penetrate concrete, causing it to crack and deteriorate over time. Safe Thaw’s chloride-free formula ensures it acts on the ice without damaging concrete surfaces, preserving the integrity of your driveway or sidewalks.

A: Traction Magic is composed of natural volcanic rock and a blend of minerals that are inert and safe for the environment, including plants and landscaping. Unlike chemical deicers or salt, which can leach into the soil and harm plant life, Traction Magic does not contain any substances that would pose a risk to your garden or green spaces.

A: Yes, Safe Thaw and Traction Magic can be used in conjunction for a comprehensive approach to managing icy conditions. Safe Thaw can be applied to melt ice safely on concrete surfaces, while Traction Magic can be used to provide immediate traction on icy areas where melting is not necessary or where instant walkability is required.

A: Safe Thaw is formulated to act quickly on ice, offering a comparable or even faster melting action than many traditional ice melts, especially in temperatures close to the freezing point. Its effectiveness is due to its unique formula, which efficiently lowers the freezing point of water, speeding up the melting process without the harmful effects of conventional deicers.

A: For optimal traction, it’s advised to spread a thin, even layer of Traction Magic over the icy surface. There’s no need to over-apply; a modest amount is sufficient to create a non-slip surface. The unique blend of natural minerals in Traction Magic will immediately absorb the liquid layer on the ice, allowing for instant traction.

A: While both products are safe for pets, people, and the environment, it’s always good practice to store them out of reach of children and animals when not in use. Cleanup is simple: once the ice has melted or the traction is no longer needed, any residual material can be swept away and disposed of in the trash or used as fill material, as it is environmentally safe.

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