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3 Use Cases Of Traction Magic

Eco Friendly Deicer - Traction Magic

What is a traction agent? A traction agent is any substance that provides ice traction for shoes and a grip for your tires on slippery surfaces. The more surface area the substance covers and the more it sticks to the road surface under your feet saving you from slipping and sliding. Traction agents also make sure that your tires don’t slip off the road when turning corners at high speeds.

Traction agents are designed to make ice safer to climb on by increasing the ice traction for shoes. This prevents you from slipping off a ledge or into a crevasse, which can be fatal in icy conditions. In this article, we’ll cover how to use a traction agent effectively and safely so that you can enjoy your time out without falling.

When You Get Stuck 

Getting stuck on a stretch of ice is a common occurrence during cold winter months. 

Digging out a few feet in front of and from behind the tires is the most suggested solution. But it isn’t easy. Using sandbags, salt, dirt, or even kitty litter for ice can be a messy solution. 

In such cases, a Traction Magic Bucket can be a handy solution. You can easily carry it in your car as a part of an emergency supply. A light coating of the product adds traction under your tires and allows your vehicle to move instantly.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

Around Farm

Have a farm and animals to take care of? The outdoor feeding area of animals can sometimes become messy. In such cases, Traction Magic can keep you and your animals safe from falling by creating traction immediately. Since it has all-natural ingredients in its blend, it’s safe to use around pets and plants.

When You Need Extra Safety

Many times building authorities don’t do the job of salting pavements and sidewalks properly. They may use just kitty litter for ice which is neither safe nor neat. Traction Magic comes in small buckets of 15 lb size. This product creates an instant skid-free and slip-free surface on ice, allowing you to use the pavement without any fear of slipping and falling.

You can easily make your backyard a winter playland for your kids by sprinkling Traction magic. It works instantly and isn’t required in large quantities. If you have pets and plants to take care of, this product is a safe bet as it has all-natural ingredients in its blend.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice


Using a traction agent is a great way to get your car unstuck from the ice. Just remember that it can be hard work, so make sure you have plenty of time before you start trying anything. And always remember to keep safety in mind—when driving on ice, be extra careful not to go too fast or take any unnecessary risks!

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