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Summer And Winter Tires Key Differences

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Winters are the most trying times in icy, hilly, and snowy places and regions. From homeowners to commercial establishments, everyone has to do their bit to keep their surroundings safe from the after-effects of snow. Buying environmentally friendly ice melter is one way to ensure that you protect your premises; however, it is equally important to maintain your vehicle tires in both seasons. 

More often than not, we question ourselves, ‘how can you prepare for a blizzard’ and think unidirectional, from a house or property point of view. We often forget to consider our vehicles. They are an essential part of our lives, and we tend to ignore their upkeep and safety. Besides overhauling the car before winter arrives, you also need to take care of their tires. 

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Let us take a quick look at the critical differences between summer and winter tires. 

  • Treads 

The summer tires feature several tread blocks with more minor grooves and solid ribs with significant and shallow depth features. They are more stable to drive in summers and do not overheat. They provide longevity and save fuel consumption. Since the tire compound is flexible, it means better grip and brake abilities on wet or dry ground. 

The winter tires feature deeper tread patterns with biting or pokey edges that help form a better grip on the ground. They also have a repeating pattern of thin cuts called spines that help to move smoothly on snow. They are made of a flexible soft compound. 

  • Usage 

Summer tires can be used all year round and have an excellent grip on hard surfaces. They are optimized for certain summer weather conditions only and offer maximum safety with comfort. They work well above 7°C. 

On the other hand, winter tires created for the winter season to handle extreme snow and icy conditions. They work well in sub-zero temperatures as well and do not skid easily. However, they become softer in summer conditions, and you may notice a slight difference while driving your vehicle. 

While there are different ways to protect your vehicle tires, using season-specific tires is far more beneficial. You must get your tires fitted before the onset of any season to help them connect with the road. 

You can also use snow chains, snow socks, etc., to protect your tires; however, it is best to speak with a dealership or a specialist regarding your tire fitments. 

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice


We understand how brutal winters can get and how you prepare for blizzards and use environmentally-friendly ice melter products to help you battle them. However, we also advise you to carry an efficient traction agent, such as Traction Magic, to assist you in case of an emergency. It is 100% environment-friendly, pet-safe, and has several mineral compounds that help build immediate traction. 

Whether in your car or just stepping out of it, you can carry your pocket-friendly Traction Magic spreader anywhere you want. 

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

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