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Salt Doesn’t Work On Black Ice- Here’s How To Make Winter Streets Safe?

how to increase traction on tires?

When temperatures drop below freezing and black ice forms on the streets, it’s critical to address the issue as soon as possible. The moniker “black ice” comes from being so thin that it appears through the pavement. Unfortunately, it makes black ice much more deadly as it’s almost invisible, appearing wet rather than frosty. 

People rely on various products for safe winter driving, including snow tire grips or rock salt. Let us determine whether they help you or are a winter menace, just like black ice.

Rock Salt As Ice Melt

The most frequent deicer on the streets is rock salt (sodium chloride), although it only melts ice down to 15° F (-9.44° C). That is the reason it does not work effectively on black ice. Moreover, chloride ice melts have several significant disadvantages. They can damage your concrete and asphalt, impair plant life along the driveway’s edge, and leak into local groundwater supplies, causing environmental damage.

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Other Methods For Safe Winter Driving

  • Snow Chains

Snow chains are used for traction, winter driving, and long journeys. They are standard snow tire grips suitable for practically all types of vehicles. However, getting them on and off tires can be a pain once the snow has melted. In addition, if installed incorrectly, snow chains can also cause harm to your car. 

  • Snow Traction

Use an instant traction agent to drive safely through black ice. We have such products as Traction Magic, eco traction, sand, etc. Before choosing your product, ensure that natural ingredients will not harm your concrete and vehicle. For example, Traction Magic is made of seven mineral ingredients and is entirely safe to use on any surface.

  • Snow Socks

Snow socks are not tire chains because they are cloth, but they have a few advantages over traditional snow chains. 

They are light and portable, weighing less than two pounds and coming in various sizes to fit any car. However, they’re only meant for a short time. 

Snow socks are designed for 25 mph or fewer speeds, and they’re more prone to wear and tear than standard snow chains.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

  • Spider Spikes

These are distinct from the devices that cover the entire wheel. Instead, you can attach it to each of the two drive wheels before winter arrives. Then, you elevate the traction arms and position them over your tire when you need them. Unfortunately, they’re not cheap, costing roughly $350 and above. As a result, they aren’t as appealing as other goods designed to assist you in driving more safely in the snow and ice.

  • Tire Straps

These straps are an improvement over mesh tire coverings. They’re simple to put on. However, they can cause the automobile to vibrate, and installing them takes a long time and effort. 

  • Tire Wraps

Tire wraps are slid over the tire from the front and resemble fishnet stockings. They go over the tread as well as the hubcap. However, they are only a temporary solution, and if driven on a dry road, they will quickly wear out.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice


Winters are here. Therefore, you need to prepare in advance for all the slippery situations you will be facing. A good traction agent will keep you safe as you walk or drive on snow-filled roads.

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