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How To Avoid Slip And Falls On Major Intersections?

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Snow-related falls may appear harmless, but they can have serious consequences. Broken bones in the wrists, arm, ankle, and hip can arise from a few falls. Severe head injuries can occur as a result of some falls. In addition, falls cause emotional trauma and the fear of falling again, leaving us mentally vulnerable.

Traction Magic- The Instant Protection

Accidents do happen, even with adequate protective precautions in place. For example, when people fall on ice or snow, they develop skeletal and muscle problems every winter. Many of these falls occur at major intersections. The best way to avoid these falls is by using safe walk-on products for instant traction. Here are some pointers to prevent slips and falls on significant intersections.

The only traction agent that works instantly is Traction Magic. So when your automobile is stuck, or you need to stroll across walkways, driveways, or decks, you can use it. The all-natural crystals of Traction Magic absorb the liquid layer first, then bury themselves in the ice sheet with their spiky ends. 

If you want to increase traction when driving in snow use Traction Magic. Spread a light coating of it on the surface to make it non-skid, whether it’s beneath your feet or your tires. There is no freeze-thaw effect on any concrete. Traction Magic avoids slip and falls on slippery surfaces and keeps you safe from snow accidents that can even prove to be fatal.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

Keep An Eye On Where You Park

Getting in and out of the automobile each time we park or go for a drive is a more forgotten aspect of daily life. Our parking place can be crucial in preventing ice falls in the winter. 

If you can’t avoid an icy spot, be extra cautious as you exit the vehicle and hold on tight in case the ground is slicker than you anticipated. 

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

When walking or working on the ice, it is critical to pay attention to where you are walking and focus on your task. Holding on to a fastened item that can add to your support when walking on ice are examples of these. 

In addition, being aware that you are in a higher-risk situation whenever you walk on ice or snow can significantly improve your safety. Before coming out of the car, you can also use a traction agent on the slippery surface to ensure your safety.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

Wear The Correct Footwear 

There’s never been a better moment to keep an eye on what’s on your feet than now. Winter is a season when you may need to forgo your favorite work boots to wear footwear that has sufficient grip on icy surfaces.

It is critical for those who must walk on these surfaces to ensure that they are prepared for the task. If you’re not careful, you might slip even after wearing proper shoes. 

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice


You cannot keep a property always free of snow and ice; a reasonable faith effort should be made to minimize slip and fall risks to a minimum. If you want to increase traction when driving in snow use Traction Magic. Its magical grains buried in the frozen surface offer a firm non-slip surface for your tires, shoes, and paws to travel on, comparable to sandpaper.

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