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Driving On Black Ice: Tips For Avoiding Danger On Major Intersections

Tire Grips For Snow

When it comes to winters, we all face the real danger of traveling on slippery roads, especially Black Ice roads. Tire grips for snow become essential during such tumultuous times. But before we advise you with great safety tips, let us briefly understand what black ice is? 

A thin transparent layer of ice formed on the roads or pavers due to the freezing of water with sudden fluctuations in temperature is called black ice. It is called black ice because it merges with the color of the roads or pavements and cannot be seen. It can also form if moisture in the air condenses and forms dew or fog, and then the temperature drops below freezing. 

It is dangerous because you cannot see it while driving, and the road conditions become treacherous.

Tips For Avoiding Danger On Major Intersections 

Stop Look Go 

As you approach an intersection without any traffic signal, you must slowly come to a stop and not apply the brakes immediately. Instead, look out for slippery roads while driving and then proceed to cross the intersection after checking everything around you. A second mistake can lead to a bigger disaster. 

Use Tire Grips For Snow

Using tire grips for snow is pretty standard in regions that receive heavy snowfall every year. In addition, there are specially designed tire chains fitted by professionals that will protect your tires while traveling on slippery roads or black ice. Please note, you cannot use these on regular roads and must be used only when your region or area has constant snowstorms or snowy conditions.

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Use Special Winter Tires 

There are special tires that act as ice traction for tires on slippery roads or black ice. These tires have deeper grooves and a broad tire base. It helps them to form a better grip while driving and stick to the road. 

Drive Carefully 

You must not accelerate on slippery roads and keep your steering wheel straight, so you have a lesser chance of slipping or sliding, thus, not losing control of your family. Do not apply sudden brake, as braking causes the tires to skid on black ice. Instead, it is best to let the car halt on its own and move at a constant speed to avoid any dangerous encounters at intersections. 

Tire Socks 

We wear socks in winter to keep our feet warm; similarly, we also have tires socks to help maintain ice traction on snow. They are made of fabric and help in keeping the car stable while driving on black ice. 

Note: You do not want tow trucks to help you out of a wreck in an accident, thus making it vital for you to take extra precautions despite heavy snowfall.

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While you have Traction Magic to help you with instant traction while driving on roads or moving out of your driveway, it is vital to maintain good tire grips on snow every time you step out. With the tips mentioned above to drive at an intersection, you can now drive safely and escape any accidents in the future

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

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