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Can New Concrete Be Treated With Ice Melt?

ice melter safe for concrete

Ice melts are supposed to be used on concrete to prevent it from freezing. But what if you just poured your new concrete? Should you use ice melt on it?

For your safety and the safety of your concrete, here is what you need to know:

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Ice Melter Safe For Concrete

​​This is an often overlooked, but critical piece of advice. Ice melt can damage the surface of concrete and mortar that’s just been laid down. If you do use ice melt on new concrete, it could cause cracking or other damage to the surface that will make your project look worse than if you hadn’t used ice melt at all.

Safe Paw is safe to use on your concrete that is older than 12 months.

Ice melt products like Safe Paw are Non-chloride ice melt products that don’t contain any chloride (i.e., chlorine) or magnesium. They contain other natural elements. They’re safer for pets and the environment to handle. It is also safer for metal surfaces like concrete slabs and steel railings. It is an ice melter safe for concrete.

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Cars Should Be Kept Off New Sidewalks And Driveways For Three Days After They Are Poured.

When a new sidewalk or driveway is poured, it’s important to keep cars off for at least three days. Concrete needs time to cure and dry before you can use it. It also needs time to settle, shrink and harden properly so that no cracks form later on. If you drive over the freshly poured concrete right away, your car tires will compress the surface and force any moisture out of it—this makes your sidewalk or driveway more susceptible to cracking in the future.


Clean Up Any Leftover Ice Melt Once The Snow And Ice Have Melted.

Once the snow and ice have melted, clean up residual ice melt. Wear gloves when cleaning and be sure to wash your hands after handling the product. If you can’t use a broom, use a shovel to scoop it off the concrete.

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We hope now you know which ice melter is safe for concrete. A new concrete driveway or sidewalk is a major investment, so you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. The best way to do this is by being careful not to damage it with chemicals and salts that can crack or erode the surface. Chemical ice melt is known for causing damage as soon as it’s applied, but if the right ice melt is used,there should be no problem with concrete. If you have any questions about whether your specific project involves new concrete or an existing one, please contact us! We’d love to help you with any questions about how best to protect your concrete from winter weather conditions.

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