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Black Ice Safety Tips For Your Business Premises

ice melt safe for new concrete

Black ice has always been a problem for every business premise, residential owner, and road in general. Yet, we prepare to battle winter problems every year only to realize we have missed out on something or the other. From snow tire grips to eco-friendly ice melt products, there is so much to prepare for the safety of our employees, ourselves, and people walking into our premises.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

As a business unit, you must keep the following safety points in mind in case of black ice formation- 

  • Ice Melt 

While it is difficult to find ice melt safe for new concrete, building your concrete pavement or premises must be done much earlier. There is a high chance of new concrete spoiling with any harsh ice melt. Spreading eco-friendly deicers before the first snowfall, such as Traction Magic or Safe Thaw, will keep the snow from sticking to the surface. It is not only salt and chloride-free; it is also pet-safe and suitable for the landscape around your business premise. 

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

  • Snow Tires 

Snow tire grips are essential for all types of vehicles in snow, and if you have a persistent problem of black ice formation, the necessity translates into action. Winter tires are the best investment for snowy days and prove helpful while driving on black ice. From tire chains to snow socks, snow tire grips are a must. 

  • Mark The Hotspots 

There are specific sections of your premise that will have black ice formation more than others. Since you know your business premises more than others, you must mark the hotspots and spread traction products such as Traction Magic on those places. It will help you, your employees, and your customers walk without falling. Put up signboards around the spots to help people identify with them and keep them safe. 

  • Put Up Boards 

Safety is of foremost importance in any business setting because of any injury caused on the business premises. Therefore, it is best to put up a board at every visible spot, laying out instructions to safely walk and drive on black ice. It is not only helpful to you but also to your customers and employees. 

  • Shovel 

Shovel the extra layer of snow leading up to your business premises and immediately spread Traction Magic to increase the traction along the pathway, walkways, and driveways. Shoveling helps to reduce snowmelt and is one of the easiest ways to help you walk and drive on ice. 

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice


Traction Magic is a proven traction formula that was born out of necessity. Not having enough eco-friendly products in the market led to developing something safe for plants, animals, concrete, and humans. But, unfortunately, to find an ice melt safe for new concrete was like finding a needle in a haystack, and more often than not, we won’t find any!

Its natural ingredients and high absorbency make it a lucrative product and one that is affordable too! It is a dual-patented product with a granular composition that breaks the surface tension and sticks to the ice firmly. Now you can prep your business premises with all the above tips for a safe winter ahead.

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