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Best Way To Deal With Black Ice

preparing for a blizzard

Black ice may not be that common but a sudden surprise may not be a pleasant one. 

Black ice is a thin layer of ice that forms on roads and pavement. It’s transparent therefore the dark color of the road can be seen through it; it’s called black ice. 

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to notice, and driving over it can be extremely dangerous and sometimes lethal.

If the roads have trees and other objects chances are black ice would be there. However, back roads, tunnels, overpasses, and bridges are places where they can be found. Furthermore, it is treacherous black ice; all icy, slick surfaces pose the same risk of losing traction.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

Preparing for a blizzard can help you remove snow safely, but it may not keep you safe from slippery and dangerous black ice. The ultimate solution to this problem is Traction Magic. Let us find out more about this magical traction agent.

How To Deal With Black Ice?

Traction Magic adds traction on the invisible slippery layer of ice. It is a product of Gaia Enterprises Inc and like all other products it’s non-toxic and non-corrosive.

It works in two ways. First, it immediately collects the thin fluid-like film on the ice surface, and its spike-like grippers adhere firmly to the ice. The incredible thing is that Traction Magic is appropriate for both humans and pets, as well as the ecosystem. 

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice

Unlike other traction agents that contain harmful toxins and abrasive salts that have been shown to demolish concrete walls, parking lots, and driveways, it does not affect your property. 

Traction Magic gives rapid traction on ice for tires and excellent footing for individuals attempting to push a car out of snow and ice. It’s made up of a mixture of volcanic rock and seven additional minerals.

It is the best remedy for black ice; before driving in snow, you can rub it in your tires for safe driving. Preparing for a blizzard is imperative for businesses. They can use it around entry and exit points to keep their visitors and employees safe. It can be used on driveways and sidewalks by homeowners as well. 

This product will give you immediate traction in snow without harming your surfaces. Unlike rock salt and other chlorides, it has no harmful effect on concrete, asphalt, and wood. It is entirely non-corrosive.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice


The use of ice melters will not help you when you need to cross slippery or snowy terrain quickly. The only traction agent that works instantly is Traction Magic. So when your automobile is stuck, or you need to stroll across walkways, driveways, or decks, you can use it. 

The all-natural crystals of Traction Magic absorb the liquid layer first, then bury themselves in the ice sheet with their spiky ends. The grains buried in the frozen surface offer a firm non-slip surface for your tires, shoes, and paws to travel on, comparable to sandpaper. Traction Magic Works with as low as -35°C and is entirely natural, safe, and effective.

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