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Why Black Ice Is So Dangerous & How To Prevent Slipping On It

prevent slipping on black ice

There is no time of year when driving is riskier than during the winter. And during the winter, no risk factor is more deadly than black ice. This severe hazard is typical ice that accumulates on asphalt, despite the name “black” ice. However, because it’s only a thin covering of ice, it mixes in with the dark asphalt beneath it, giving it a black appearance up close. 

When it rains and the temperature is at or below freezing, black ice is most likely to form. It can also happen when snow melts, creating enormous puddles of water, and then the temperature drops below freezing before the water evaporates. Snow traction is crucial for maintaining safety while walking or driving on snow.

Why Is Black Ice Dangerous?

Drivers can’t see the black ice and their brakes can’t work effectively on it as the tires don’t have a grip on it. Drivers can quickly lose control of their automobiles if their tires can’t grasp them. And the more black ice there is, the less control you have on your vehicle. Similarly, it creates problems for people walking on black ice areas.

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How To Prevent Slipping On Black Ice?

  • Know about black ice

Black ice nearly always forms in sheets that are exceptionally smooth and glossy. This gleaming surface is a warning sign of possible black ice. Although you may not always be able to detect black ice, looking for it is usually a good idea. It may also assist you in remaining concentrated while driving in less-than-ideal situations. Just remember to keep an eye on the rest of your surroundings while walking or driving.

  • Practice driving on slippery surfaces

Practice driving on ice in a safe environment if feasible. Look for a nice, big, empty parking lot that has ice on it. On the ice, practice braking. Recognize how your vehicle feels and performs in these settings.

  • Use snow traction

The snow traction will help you not only to walk safely on black ice but also to drive safely in slippery conditions. You can use a natural, salt-free, chemical-free, and instant traction agent – Traction Magic. It works on all surfaces and in all temperatures. If you don’t know how to increase traction on tires, then rub this product on your tires or use it while driving on a slippery surface for instant traction. You can use it around your business to keep your employees and visitors safe from slip and fall incidents. A right traction agent will help business owners to be free from slip and fall liabilities.

  • Use caution

Don’t react rashly if your car begins to slide or skid on ice. Keep your cool and think clearly. Another thing you must avoid is putting breaks. Allow the automobile to slow down on its own by removing your foot off the accelerator. If you slam on the brakes, the vehicle will slip, making the situation much more dangerous. Use ‘penguin walk’ when walking on a patch of black ice.

Get ready for winter with Traction Magic instant grip on snow and ice


As winter arrives, so will the black ice. We cannot avoid it, but we can avoid falling on it by using Traction Magic. It will give us enough to cross the slippery patch without posing any danger.


A. Black ice, also known as clear ice, forms when a thin layer of ice accumulates on surfaces like roads, sidewalks, and driveways. Its transparent appearance makes it nearly invisible, blending with the underlying surface. This is what makes it so perilous—people often fail to identify its presence until it’s too late, resulting in accidents and falls.

A. So, how to not slip on ice? Black ice is essentially a thin layer of ice that forms due to freezing rain or the melting and refreezing of snow. Protecting yourself from black ice involves a combination of awareness, preparedness, and the right safety measures.

A. Black ice forms when the temperature is around or below freezing, causing any liquid on the surface to freeze. It can occur on various surfaces, including roads, sidewalks, and parking lots, and is particularly prevalent during early mornings and late evenings when temperatures drop.

A. Preventing slips on black ice requires adopting a cautious approach and using safety aids. One of the most effective solutions is ‘Walk On Ice,’ an anti-skid solution that instantly transforms icy surfaces into safer pathways. With its people, pet, and plant-safe formula, it offers peace of mind while navigating icy conditions.

A. Black ice gets its slippery nature from the fact that it lacks the air bubbles found in white ice, making its surface incredibly smooth. This lack of texture reduces friction, resulting in a more treacherous walking or driving experience.

A. When driving on black ice, it’s essential to exercise extreme caution. Maintain a slow and steady speed, avoid sudden movements, and keep a safe following distance. If possible, equip your vehicle with winter tires for improved traction.

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