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What To Do If Your Car Skids On Ice? Expert Tips

traction in snow

Driving in the snow and ice can be a stressful experience. However, if you know how to respond quickly to skidding, it’s possible to get traction in snow. The most important thing is to avoid panic. Take a deep breath and remember that you’re going to be okay. If your car starts skidding on ice, don’t do anything sudden or aggressive. Steer yourself back into control of your vehicle while staying calm!

Skids are often caused by driving too fast on slippery road conditions, following too closely, or maneuvering too quickly. While it may seem like common sense, you can minimize the risk of skidding by taking your time to gain ice traction and not trying to push through difficult driving conditions.

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Don’t Stomp On The Brakes

If your car starts to skid on ice, don’t stomp on the brakes. You’ll only make it worse. Avoid these mistakes:

  • Don’t slam on the brakes! It will cause you to lose control of your vehicle and possibly spin out of control.
  • Don’t try to steer into the skid by turning too sharply, either left or right. It’s likely that this will just make things worse for you as well.
  • Don’t turn the steering wheel sharply, either left or right—it is difficult to get traction in snow that quickly.

Steer Your Vehicle In The Direction Of The Skid

If your car is skidding, steering in the direction of the skid will help you regain control of it. If your car is skidding to the right, steer toward the right. The more you can match your steering angle with what’s happening with your tires, the better chance you’ll have at getting control back.

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Let Up On The Gas, And Do Not Apply Additional Pressure To The Brake

If you’re in a vehicle that has started to skid, don’t let up on the gas, and don’t apply additional pressure to the brake. The brakes are designed to stop your car, not control it. If you feel like you can steer, then steer away from whatever is causing your car to skid (e.g., if there’s an icy patch in front of you, turn away from it). If the steering isn’t an option (and if there isn’t anything in front or behind that could cause harm), use cruise control with an appropriate speed setting for the situation. It will keep your vehicle moving forward at a steady pace and may help prevent further sliding or spinning out of control due to excess momentum affecting direction changes caused by acceleration/deceleration during stops or turns

As soon as you feel your tires gain traction, gradually straighten the steering wheel. If your vehicle is still skidding and moving sideways, do not apply the brakes. Doing so will only cause the wheels to lock and make it more difficult for you to regain control of your car.


Use Traction Agent – Traction Magic

If your car is stuck in piles of snow or you want to move your car up the incline, you can make use of traction agents to get instant ice traction. You can spread traction-building agents like Traction Magic to build traction in the tires. This will help you to disengage the tires from the snow quickly, making it easier to move the vehicle with traction. 

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In our experience, the most important thing to remember is that skidding is usually preventable. Even on slippery roads, if you drive slowly and carefully, you can avoid skidding.

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